Top 10 Freelance Websites For Beginners For Finding Freelance Work

Top 10 Freelance Websites For Beginners For Finding Freelance Work

If you are someone who is tired and exhausted of his day job and is looking to make some extra money on the side, then starting to work for best freelance websites is a sure shot way to make cool money.

I know a lot of people who have freelanced on the side to support their main income. In fact, I know a lot of people who are working full-time as a freelancer & supporting their day-to-day expenses from the money they make online.

I mean who wouldn’t want to have a job that pays you more, lets you set your work hours, and makes you work for less time.

It makes perfect sense to take up a career that allows you to give you this much freedom.

Having this kind of freedom is a dream to a lot of people.

Mainly because a freelancing career simply makes more money than your average day job.

Over these years I have met countless people who are at the elite level and getting consistent clients and dollars from freelance work. I recently sat down with my friends and asked them what is the best way for a beginner to get into the world on online freelancing.

I asked them & put in my own research and found out some cool ways to start for a beginner.

Take a look at these top 10 freelance websites for beginners.

1) Upwork


Upwork jobs

UpWork is currently one of the best freelancing websites for beginners out there. All top freelancers and clients go to Upwork for engaging.

I know a lot of people who are getting consistent jobs and making a full-time living from the work that they getting from Upwork alone. In the starting, the payouts are a little low but once you know how to work your way around it that’s when you start making money.

If you are smart enough you can even build long-term clients and work on retainership basis with clients from Upwork.

Think of Upwork like a lead getting system from where you will get high quality leads on a consistent basis. Once you complete their projects you can pitch them for long-term work and retainership basis (if they are happy with your work.) for more gigs in the future.

Upwork (Used to be oOesk before) has a very wide variety of jobs.

It has jobs in almost every category. From writing, designing, programming, logo design and so much more. It also has different types of projects: Short-Term, Long-Term, Hourly Basis & Per Project basis.

Regardless of what level of expertise you might have, you’ll always find some or the other type of job on Upwork. Currently, they have close to 1.5mn clients on their portal, 10 Million registered users and 3 Million jobs are being posted every year.

Who is this for: Whatever skill you have you’ll find clients for it on upwork

Commission Percentage:

  • 20% for the first $500 in turnover with a single client
  • 10% for the total billings between $500.01 and $10,000
  • 5% for the billings that exceed $10,000


2) PeoplePerHour


Freelancing websites for beginners

People per hour is one of the coolest freelance websites for beginners where you get your projects on an hourly basis payout. Their core categories are Web Development, Web Designing services, Software Development, SEO, Marketing & others.

They have some really cool things going on their portal, one of the coolest things that I like about their portal is this feature called Workstream.

Workstream basically assists in figuring out the business part of the freelancing. Things like Payments, communication, Client management, all go in one place in a neat manner.

On Peopleperhour you’ll have the limit to send 15 proposals before you get upgraded to the premium version.

Who is this for: For Web Development, Web Designing services, Software Development, SEO, Marketing & others

Commission Percentage: Free


3) 99 Designs:


Top 10 Freelance Websites

Whenever I need anything related to design work 99 Designs is my go-to place. It is one of the top freelance websites choices for designers as well as clients.

The format for getting jobs is little different in 99 Designs. Instead of one person applying for a lot of and competing for it, what happens is that.

The clients will submit a request, time frame, budget and rest of the details related to the project.

The next thing that will happen is all the freelancer will create mockups, dummy designs and other material for that request and will submit it to the client.

Once all the proposals have come in and the time frame ends up.

Then it falls on the client to choose who will he pick for work and then the payment will be made through an escrow account.

Who Is This For: Designers, UX/UI artists and creatives (Specifically)

Commission Percentage: Free for designers.


4) Toptal:


Freelance writing jobs online

Toptal is counted as one of the best freelance websites in the category of software programmers. You will notice that on Toptal only serious freelancers are engaging with all the clients. The nature of jobs that are being posted on Toptal requires a high level of expertise and the type of clients that you’d find there are equally of high level.

So that ways it is slightly challenging to compete over there. But that also means that you have more potential for long-term work and retainership basis work.

Although there are a lot of other IT freelance websites but Toptal stands out amongst all of them because they have a very low acceptance rate.You can even see Toptal reviews on the internet, you will see that it attracts some of the best clients & freelancers from all across the world.

They like to call themselves as a portal of top 3% freelancers of the world.

And that’s one of the strongest reasons why top companies like HP, Airbnb, JP Morgan and many others are putting their jobs and getting their work done from Toptal on a consistent basis.

They usually do well in three categories; Developers, designers and Finance Experts

Who is this for: Developers, Designers and financial experts

Commission Percentage: Zero percentage for freelancers


5) SimplyHired:


freelancer for beginners

The things about Simplyhired is that, it is the only freelancing website which offers the largest variety of jobs for freelancing. It operates in offline categories as well. Things like Construction work, Concierge services and other types of online work as well.

They are currently operational in 24 countries. And people looking for jobs can look for jobs in more than 12 languages. So variety wise it is one of the most diverse portals that I have ever seen.

Who is this for: Anyone who is looking for any type of freelance work. Be it online or offline.

Commission Percentage: No commissions to be shared.


6) Freelance Writing Gigs:


freelance sites like upwork

Freelance writing gig is a place where you can find a lot of freelance writing jobs online. But that’s not their core area. They mainly cover a lot of content on how to make money online and find freelance work for writers who want to work in the field of copywriting.

The main purpose of the website is to educate people into finding high-quality jobs and producing high-quality content for it but just like ProBlogger jobs it also has a job board which attracts some of the best jobs and job seekers from all across the globe.

You will find almost all types of writing jobs over there.

Be it internet marketing, Fitness, Health, Wealth, Spirituality or anything else.

Again, it is not an active job board like Upwork jobs and Freelance but since it is a writing-specific website, so your chances of finding great writing work are super high.

Who Is This For: Writers (From early stage to expert level content marketers)

Commission Percentage: No commissions percentage. It’s a job board website.


7) Guru:


Top 10 Freelance Websites

Guru is easily considered as one of the top 5 freelance sites that get you high-end clients with high-end payouts. It competes directly with portals like Upwork and Freelancer India.

There is literally no shortage to the amount of work that’s available on guru.

Although It will take time to build your portfolio and reviews over there, once that is done, then you’ll notice that you will get a consistent lead base of clients contact you on your own.

Not only that but even from a client’s perspective people consider guru to be one of the favourite websites in terms of getting high-quality freelancing work.

It has this really cool feature called workroom which will help you in managing all the work tasks on the portal.

Who is this for: For all categories of work

Commission Percentage: 4.95% – 8.95%

Problogger Jobs:


Problogger jobs

Problogger jobs is one of the best blogging suggestion websites that you can go for. Be it learning how to become a better blogger or finding a good job.

All top bloggers, people who are on the guru level in their niche visit ProBlogger and guest post over there on a timely basis.

If you are someone who is looking to enter to get jobs as a freelance writer then I’d definitely recommend you to check out Probloggerjobs.

Problogger has a lot of jobs for freelance writers and if you are good at the art of pitching then you can get some good consistent work from there.

Who is this for: writers who are looking coolest high paying jobs online through remote, Freelance, Part-time, Full-time type format.

Commission Percentage: No percentage. It is a simple job board where you come and applies for positions.


9) College Recruiter:


Top 5 Freelance Sites

College recruiter is a specifically for people or students who are in college and are looking for side gigs to support their studies. For college kids, it can be a great way to enter the world of the professional field of your choice while also earning some cool money along the way.

Who is this for: writers who are looking for remote, Freelance, Part-time, Full-time jobs.

Commission Percentage: No percentage. It is a simple job board where you come and apply for positions.


10) iFreelance:


top 10 freelancing websites


iFreelance is a mainstream freelancing website that allows you to take up a variety of jobs.

It competes directly with the likes of guru and upwork. It has most of the popular categories of the freelancing world like developers, Writers, SEO specialists and so on which makes it one of the best freelance sites for beginners.

Although it is not as good as Upwork but it is still a very good website if you are actively looking to get your work done by people.

The best thing about iFreelance is that it doesn’t charge any money from both the sides. So whatever money you make from the client, you don’t have to pay it to iFreelance as commission. That ways it is free for all the users.

So if you are a freelancer or someone who is looking to enter into the world of online freelancing and set your own work hours, then these best freelance websites for beginners and they are worth checking out.

Out of these top 10 freelancing websites, my recommendation would be towards Upwork because the quality and volume of work that you find there is excellent.  I get a lot of questions from people asking is Upwork good for beginners? or not?

I think the first place where you should create your profile should be Upwork only. They have higher than average commission rates but that’s okay because you’ll get a lot of leads coming your way.

I would love to know more from you if you have had any experience in working with these sites or any website that I have missed which I should cover, please write in the comments section below.

See you soon.

Kirti Prakash

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  1. Thanks for the great tips! I do have a question however that
    I think you could probably answer. I was wondering, What programming
    languages should I learn for web development? My goal is
    to build a text based game online. I have never coded
    before. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Hey Fineprint,

      Thanks for taking out your time to read this and write in your comment.

      You should checkout codeacademy and learn some of the basic languages like C, C++, Java, PHP, Python and other popular ones.

      The idea shouldn’t be to learn a lot of languages.

      What you want to do is learn some of the popular ones and figure out a way to turn those skills into making money online.


      PS – Finding a mentor is also going to accelerate your process.

  2. It’s really a great lists.

    You may also consider It is one of the popular Freelancing site.
    And the best part is that it’s totally free! (No Fees! No Commission!).

    Thanks again for sharing these sites.

  3. I am a freelance writer and was looking for some freelance projects. Then I came across this blog where they have listed out websites for getting freelance writing work. I visited few of these sites and found them to be quite useful. I benefited from them, hope you would too.

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