A Complete Beginner’s Guide On How To Make Money From YouTube

Welcome To My Beginner’s Guide To Make Money From YouTube

If you are someone who is looking to make money from YouTube, then you should also keep in mind that YouTube is the #1 Video platform for video streaming for people all across the world.

And if you are missing out on the action that YouTube Can offer to your business, then you are missing out on something BIG.

Currently, YouTube has the most amount of engaged users any sit on the internet can have (After Facebook)

It has over ONE billion users on its website  (that almost one-third of people on all the internet)

facebook users snapchat twitter youtube whatsapp instagram wechat qq
(Update: The recent june update says 1.5B users)

So much so that It has been localized in 88 countries and can be accessed in 76 languages.

Close to one billion hours of videos are watched on a daily basis.

So that was more on the end of the global reach.

But there is a lot of potential for content creators as well.

Lately a lot of youtube content creators have been making over 6 figures a year.

And that number is increasing at the rate of 50% year on year.

It’s like google search engine for video, but for video only.

There is a lot of depth to the kind of money you can make on Youtube.

So no matter what type of niche do you choose (unless you choose a really BAD niche) you’ll find lot of viewers for your videos.

But it is not that simple.

There are a lot of people who create videos on YouTube in a hope to get crazy traffic and make 6 figures a year.

But the sad part is that a lot of them fail very early on.

And the reason for that is because creating high-quality video content is harder than creating the same type of content for a text based blog.

And that makes the channel less crowded, which means if you can stand out on Youtube, the results should be worth the effort.

Although there are a lot of other video platforms like Yahoo & Vimeo etc. but nothing comes close to the kind of engaged traffic YouTube has on its platform.

It’s not that i am telling you something new and unknown stuff.

A lot of BIG youtube channel owners are making crazy amount of money from their youtube video views.

Some of the top YouTube people in the world are closing in Millions in terms of Payout.

I guess this needed to be said YouTube

(Pewdiepie, he is Youtube’s #1 individual content creator and makes the most amount of money on YouTube)

One of the top YouTubers PewDiePie made close to $15 Million in personal income with 54 million Youtube subscribers on his channel just by putting out content on his personal youtube channel.

You can even see the new list which SocialBlade has published this year, it shows some of the top YouTubers who are making the most amount of money through their channel.

People like him are in the category of people who are uploading regular videos and building a subscribers base slowly and consistently

But there is another category of people

While there are some people who people who are consistently making money by uploading videos on their channel.

There are some more people who have earned overnight FAME and have made millions on Youtube through their overnight viral videos.

People like Psy who have earned their Fame through Gangnam style.

Or Wiz Khalifa who recorded See You Again on for the Fast And The Furious movie series.

Or the latest one Despacito is trending BIG time on YouTube these days.

But people like these are exceptions to the rule.

Replicating an overnight success like these guys is next to impossible.But is it possible to replicate this kinda success back to back?

But is it possible to replicate this kinda success back to back?I doubt that.

I doubt that.Because Psy has released a number of songs after Gangnam style, but none of them got him any popularity with the masses.

Because Psy has released a number of songs after Gangnam style, but none of them got him any popularity with the masses.

And that’s the case with both Wiz Khalifa and the maker of Despacito.

They haven’t been able to touch the kind of numbers that they had touched with their viral videos.

So getting this level of success is majorly a luck thing.

And I know you might be asking right now.

Well, Kirti I understand there is luck part involved in getting this kind of success. But what do we do about it? What’s the solution for normal people like us? How do we make good videos on small budgets? How do we create the content which people on youtube would love to see?

To answer that question, I will show you another set of people who didn’t invest much in their YouTube content creation but are still making a good amount of money from YouTube.

(Nikhil has a current subscriber base of 500k)

Meet Nikhil, Nikhil is a popular Motovlogger and he goes by the name of MumbikerNikhil on YouTube.

So what he does is, he records and goes to trip and bike rides and records that journey using his small GoPro & DSLR camera.

Now he has invested a lot of money back into his equipment since he is earning but this goes to show that you can start your YouTube channel with very little investment and keep investing from there on.

Today he has one of the most popular youtube channels in the automotive vlogger segment. So much so that people want to know about his personal life and things that he does on a day to day basis.

And this way he gets a consistent and stable flow of viewership on his channel.

Another popular YouTube Channel is of Powerdrift, where these guys started making YouTube videos as a side project only because they were passionate about motorcycles. Slowly they started picking up momentum and they started building a whole company around their YouTube channel.

Today these guys have viewers in millions coming and watching their videos from all across the globe.

In other categories like comedy and entertainment category, we have Kannan Gill where posts videos on his youtube channel and with his friend Biswa Kalyan Rath and they do these funny Pretentious movie reviews which have gotten them a lot of views and traffic.

For cooking and recipes, you have Nisha Madhulika

For Prank Video, you have Vitaly who goes around and does pranks on the street

For Phone and technology review, you have GeekyRanjit who records tech reviews.

The possibilities are endless.

But the real question is how did these guys end up here.

So by now, I hope you are already clear that in a broad sense, there are 2 ways to make money on YouTube.

One is by creating something that goes super viral, and two is by choosing a niche and creating something sustainable and bring in consistent income from it. So that even after content is old you continue making money from it and keep getting income from it.For this article’s sake and my limited knowledge

For this article’s sake and my limited knowledge base, we’ll stick to the second method on how to make money from youtube, something that keeps paying you consistently over a period of time.

So let’s start with it…

1. Finding Your Niche:

Finding your niche is the most important thing you can do for your business or your youtube channel. Get this right and you’ll continue to grow like crazy.

But if you get this wrong you won’t get any results.

You will keep on creating content endlessly, but no one would respond to your content.

And if no one sees it, you won’t be able to make any money either.

So what exactly is a Niche?

Niche is basically that one area of the market from you enter in & start building your audience on it.

So let’s understand this with the help of an example.

If your target market is a very crowded one, and you go broad in it and target everyone, chances are no one will notice you and your content.

So for the first example let’s take the example of Food cooking and recipes niche, right now the videos on Youtube for Food cooking and recipe videos is super crowded.

And there are hundreds of subscribers who have created videos in their niches and they are dominating the first page of Youtube search results.

And 90% of the traffic lies on the first page only, be it youtube or even google search results.

So if there is someone who has searched a recipe on cooking “ How To Cook Rajma Chawal “

The top results will be so popular that it is natural for the viewer to open the top 3-6 videos that show up in the results.

Very rarely will they go to the second or third page for this?

So if you are trying to launch a channel and create the same videos on YouTube that other people have done and they have videos in thousands and lacs.

So if you start a channel that is doing the same that has already been done before, It will be hard for you to generate any views on your videos.

Because someone out there is already dominating your niche.

And it won’t matter to anyone you’ll just be the 1lakh-th channel launching in that domain.

Your aim should be to get in the top 10-20 searches of google to get some level of decent views going on your channel.

So in the case of cooking and recipes, there might be a lot of broad channels which teach you everything from south Indian to Mughlai to continental to every other cuisine out there.

So what you could do here is, you could refine your targeting and make it specific to a small group of people.

Say you could take up South Indian Dishes only and record videos on it.

Or say you could teach South Indian Dishes For Desis living in the west.

Or say you could build a channel on DIY dishes for college students.

Or you could do another example like teach people how to cook different varieties of dosa and create 100 videos on various types of dosas.

Or maybe take up one cuisine and build up videos around it on your channel.

You could take Mexican, Italian, Continental or whatever you like and keep on refining it until it gets very accurate and makes sense to a small group of people.

The thing is that the people that will come to your page will be hooked to your content since it will be specially made for them.

So the idea is to appeal to a small group of 100 people, instead of trying to woo a slightly interested group of 1 plus people.

Another great Example is in the world of automotive category.

Off late Motovlogging has started catching up soon and people have started coming up and are recording videos of their motorcycle rides on a day to day basis.

So if someone today starts out it will be really difficult for them to break into the top 10 categories of youtube moto-vloggers.But there are still people who are carving out their own niche and developing a strong audience which likes them a lot.

But there are still individuals who are carving out their own niche and developing a strong audience which likes them a lot.

So there is this Youtube channel which has created a new segment in the automotive category by positioning itself as a video maker for Royal Enfield owners. (For those of you who don’t know Royal Enfield is a cult motorcycle brand which produces a classic range of motorcycles and exports them all across the globe.)

Something so simple yet so powerful. Because until now all the people in his industry were targeting high-end bikes and everyone competing on made that market very crowded.

So they named their channel BulletDiaries.

This way they ended up creating for a small group of Royal Enfield owners and that resonated well with a lot of people and in no time he has built a large fan following of his own.

This way they ended up targeting the bullet owners which resonated very well with them and quick has gained quite a large fan following from bullet owners.

So my point being if the target market you are going after is not crowded, you should start as early as you can.

But if it is crowded you don’t need to worry much about it.

You can refine and tweak your channel’s target market so that it makes sense to a small group of dedicated people.

A lot of you must be wondering well I want to go big and cover everything.

Well, I get that, that’s why you start niching down and refine your target market.

You start with a small audience and once they love your stuff you can then start branching into a BIGGER area.

But whenever in doubt, niche it out.

If you have any doubts, please ask me questions in the comments below.

I’d love to answer them for you.

2) Figure Out A Format & Type Of Content:

Once you have figured out your what your Niche is, the next thing you need to do is to determine the length of the content.

Let’s take an example here, there is this company which teaches men to how to get a Girlfriend and find attractive women in your day to day life.

It’s a company by the name of RealSocialDynamics.

What they do is they record long form videos on how tos, reviews and long in-depth talks about their concepts and release that out for free on their RSDFreeTour Youtube channel.

And using this long form content strategy they have been able to dominate this dating Niche.

Long form is hard to create and is less competitive, so if you are someone who is a doing a long form content strategy, you have already eliminated 90% of your competition right there.

The other type of content is short form content which is under 5-10 minutes type of content.

Usually, you’ll find tips, tricks, tutorials, How-Tos, Explanation, Walkthrough, Review & Tests in this category.

These sort of videos are like munchies, they get consumed by a lot of people.

But the only problem is that short form content is slightly more crowded than the long form market.

So you’ll find more people in this category on YouTube.

But if you have done your homework well concerning your niche.

I think it will work fine.

A general thumb of rule is that the simpler it is to create content, the more crowded it will be

Content Type:

Now there are different type of content categories which you will find on YouTube

1. Whiteboard Content:

Whiteboard content is where you primarily use a sketch pen and a marker and explain the concepts on the board using a simple explainer pen.

Usually, these type of videos are more oriented towards sales and marketing and work perfect for a sales pitch.

For example, this video here is how Whiteboard content looks like…

You can find people who can create such type of content for you on:


2. White Background:

Another thing you could do is make your videos look like as if it is done in a professional studio. You can put a whiteboard behind yourself and achieve that studio kind of like look.

3. On The Streets:

If you have any beautiful location around you or if you are on the streets, you should record the video with you standing somewhere or where the background is in the montage or has a great view assisting the video.

An example of Street recording:

4. Screen Recording:

If you feel you are too shy to do recordings you can also record the audio and video separately using the Camtasia tool.

Where you can record the audio separately. You can just go to Amazon and buy any regular mic which has noise cancellation built in it and then record any audio without having a proper audio setup.

I like to use the blue yeti mic for my recordings. I have used it in the past it just works fine.

Once you have recorded the audio part then you can merge the audio part with the video part by using the tool called Camtasia.

All the videos that I have ever created which have had screen recording, Almost all of them have Camtasia at play.

In general, the most workable one is the white background, Camtasia recordings and one of the streets.

They take the least amount of effort and look professional as well.

3) How To Record The Video:

There are few things you’d need to create a good video.

First, you need a good camera to record HQ video and audio sound.

For white background.

Here’s a great video if you want to build your setup of whiteboard video recording.



There are few good things you’d need to record a good HQ video:

A good camera:

Either you could try with a high-end DSLR  My favourite is Canon EOS 1300D or lately, iPhone 7 Plus  & Google Pixel have also been doing really good with video recording. The portrait mode in iPhone 7 Plus gives video as good as DSLR.

A Blue Yeti Mic or wireless mic pack which you can put in your pocket and attach as a collar mic.

And background white sheet which you can buy anywhere on Amazon

In fact, a lot of famous bloggers do this and shoot all the videos in their home only.

4) Monetize:

Now we’ll assume for a moment that you want to bring in traffic and everything is in place and your content strategy and video creation process is also in place.

The next thing you to do is to figure out how to monetize your Youtube Channel and videos.

a) Adsense:

This is the first thing which you can do, you can connect your AdSense account to your youtube channel so that whatever views start coming you start getting the money rolling with it.

To connect your Youtube channel with your Adsense account what you need to do is.

You need to go to your Youtube Channel account.

Usually, if you are applying for Adsense individually it will take you a good amount of time say 6 months to get Adsense approval but if you apply through Youtube then your process will be faster.

1. Go to the top right corner of your Youtube channel click on the channel username and there will be a create studio option. Click on it.

Create Studio

2. Go to the left side and click on the channel and then click on channel monetization as shown in the image.

channel monetization

3. Once you are done with it then the next step is you need to figure out to fill in all the details that are required to get things going and to set it the AdSense account for your Youtube Channel.

Registration form

4. Once all the details are filled and sign ups are done after entering the details your Adsense account will go into the review mode where the Google Adsense team and Youtube Adsense approval team will review your videos and your account and will approve if it fits their approval criteria.

You’ll see a screen that looks something like this.

Review Period

b) Sponsored Videos:

You could approach top brands and ask them if they find a connection with your brand, Ask them to do a sponsored review sort of thing for their brand through your Youtube Channel.

For example, if you see in this video, you’ll notice that the popular YouTube channel Powerdrift has recorded this video and it starts with a mention of Dell laptop.

Now Dell must have found some sync with their brand and their YouTube channel and viewers that’s why they gave Powerdrift the opportunity to show their name in one of their highest viewed videos.

Have a look at how PowerDrift did a sponsored review with Dell

The same way once you have some subscribers and views going you can ask brands to join hands with you guys.

c) Affiliate Income:

Some Youtube channels and owners have started doing this but I think this is the simplest way to make money off YouTube.

What you can do is you can promote the products that you have shown in the videos by adding them in the simple description box below.

Like this famous moto-vlogger has shared this video which has affiliate links in the comments section below.

See his video’s description box and you’ll notice that there are a couple of links from Amazon over there where has mentioned his favourite products which he is using.

Now you can promote your products from any website which you like, but people prefer Amazon Affiliates over anything else because of its ease of use and popularity.

And anyone can do this type of monetization.

All you have to do is head to Amazon Affiliates and start promoting the products you like from there on.

d) Landing Pages:

Another thing which a lot of popular Youtube channel owners have begun doing is they have started diverting their traffic to the funnels of their own business.

For example, One of the famous bloggers Ramit Sethi has created this video on building habits, try to see the image below closely. You’ll notice that

ramit sethi

See where the arrows are pointed, the hyper linking is connected to a landing page of his which is a free guide where people will enter their details and get access to his material.

And same with the arrow in the bottom section as well.

Even that sends directly to the landing page.

You can click here to see that landing page mentioned in the video.

Now there is another version with using the landing page, you can also use the landing page to advertise your services like shown in the video image screenshot shot.

Chris Canwell is a popular dating coach, and he offers dating coaching services.

By recording and doing these videos he is attracting a lot of people in his funnel.

So for individuals who want his free stuff they can click on the links as they appear in the video.

But if someone needs an instant solution, he can go and click on the call to action button below as seen in his video and book an instant paid call with him.

Book Session

Personally, I think offering consulting service is the best way to monetize your videos vs. making money via AdSense.

The only problem with this is that this method can’t be scaled but the AdSense method can be.

5) Tools for Youtube Video Creation:

Video Editing:

There are a bunch of tools you can use for editing the recorded videos, you can either outsource it to someone if you have that kinda budget. You can find people on Elance, Upwork, Guru and other places.

Another thing which you could do is if you are tight on budget or you are more on the DIY bootstrapped mode, you could use Camtasia to edit your videos.

Trust me it is very simple and you can buy it without any a headache.

It’s straightforward and easy to use.

If you want to go more on a pro level then you have Final Cut Pro X which Apple provides for its high-end devices.

But again it is more for people who are on a PRO level, if you are a beginner it is best to avoid Final Cut Pro X.


I hope you know what a thumbnail is. If not, then I will explain it to you, thumbnail is the thing that appears as a cover image for your video when the video is only on display mode,

To create a thumbnail, you go to any image creation and editing software which can help you in doing that.

I prefer working with Canva for all my graphic design usage.

Ever since I have started using Canva, I haven’t had the need to use a graphic designer ever since except on a few occasions.


Now SEO doesn’t only work with Blog posts but it works with Youtube videos as well.

Just so your video starts showing in the Google searches. You need to tweak and do your Google keyword planner homework with respect to building a video which is keyword friendly.

Target the right keyword by choosing them rightly in Google Keyword Planner.

Ideally, you shouldn’t rely on your youtube videos showing up in your searches.

But you can increase those chances of results showing up in the YouTube searches by using terms like tutorial, review, explanation and how to sort of words.

Rest of the tools that are required to create the video I have shared them in the how to create a video section which has a camera, white background and mic section covered in it.

You can even watch Brian Dean’s video for more information on how to learn SEO for Youtube:


6) Content Distribution:

Now once you have done everything the final piece of the puzzle is content distribution and that’s where the secret sauce lies.

Firstly, you could write a blog post and embed your video in that blog post and share that blog post on relevant Facebook pages, with your email list or on your twitter page.

So this way you will get consistent SEO traffic from Google that comes on your videos and you can direct them to your blog post and your website.

Secondly, you can boost your video through Facebook advertising by spending one dollar a day on advertising.

I think you can have a decent amount of reach by spending one dollar per day on advertising through Facebook, try to target for mobile users because clicks for mobile people are really cheap and you will also be able to reach to more people in smaller amounts.

So once content distribution part is done, then you need to create more videos and drive more traffic and keep on tweaking things on the way.

I am sure there are other ways to make more money through Youtube, if you know I’d love to speak to you in the comments section below.

If there is anything else or any help you need from my end, let me know in the comments section below, and I’d be more than happy to help you on it.

PS: I will update this article as I get more info on it.

See you soon..



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