MacBook Slowing Down? 22 Quick Ways On How To Speed Up MacBook In Less Than 30 Minutes

MacBook Slowing Down? Learn how to speed up MacBook in less than 30 minutes without spending a single dollar on it.

speed up macbook
Is your MacBook slowing down?

If you own a MacBook, you might know how it can slow down over the years if you keep using it continuously.

But it’s not just with MacBook, it’s with every type of computer/laptop, if you don’t keep it in shape it starts slowing down to the point where you start hating your machine.

And that’s why I decided to write this post, where I have tested and done all these tweaks to improve my MacBook processing speed from the ground up in less than 30 minutes.

Now, there are a host of reasons why your MacBook might be slowing down.

One could be that it has started ageing.

And second could be that you are running too many apps at the same time.

If you spend 30 minutes with me here, reading and applying this post, and making changes along the way, you will be able to improve your machine’s health right away.

Let’s go through them quickly and let’s start tuning up your system.


1) Speed Up Your Mouse:


If I had to do one hack on how to speed up your macbook, this would be the first one that I would do.

So to do that what you need to do is..


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Open System Preference > Trackpad > Increase your track speed to the fastest.

Double your trackpad and double your productivity.

Like literally, just do it with me right now and feel the difference here.


Kindle india


It will feel a bit weird in the beginning but will get fine over time.

But before you go there’s another tweak which you need to make to fix your mouse speed.


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Go back to System Preference > Accessibility > Mouse > increase the speed to max everywhere.

Don’t confuse yourself here, just copy the settings in the images shown here.

Go to settings of trackpad options and mouse settings and set all of them to the highest speed like shown in the image.


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2) Speed Up Your Keyboard Speed


The second thing you can do is to increase the typing speed of your keyboard.

Often times you will find that the speed at which you type on the keyboard is different from the speed at which your text starts showing on the application that you are working on (Example: typing on google docs or Facebook statuses, comments etc.)

To fix that lag and keep the keyboard speed fast enough what you need to do is..

You need to go to Apple Menu > System Preferences > Click Accessibility


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Once you are in the accessibility section, the next thing you can do is

Click Keyboard > Enable Slow Keys > Click on options > Decrease the accept delay to short.


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Then the next thing you need to click the keyboard preferences and adjust the settings as shown in the image below.


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And once you do these setting try typing in any document say google documents or even your Microsoft word and you’ll notice that you won’t have any sort of text delay in your typing speed.


3. Disable Spotlight & Replace It With

AlfredApp. (5 x Faster Than Spotlight Search)

This is seriously the best thing you can do for your MacBook and I will explain you more about it. But first, let’s deactivate your Spotlight so that we can install a better replacement of it.

To deactivate Spotlight First you need to go to System Preferences > Open Spotlight > Deselect every option and spotlight will be turned off.

Check the image below to do that.


MacBook Pro Slowing Down


Check the next image and copy what’s in the image and deselect everything in it.


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Once you have unchecked all these options.

Next, you need to go to Alfred app website.

Click here to download Alfred app.

The good thing about Alfred is you can do anything with it. From multiplication, emails, contacts literally anything you type you’ll get and the best part is it is much faster than Spotlight.

Download Alfred and set it up in your system and you’ll notice that it works faster than Spotlight search option.


4. Cut Down On Your Login Apps


The more the number of login apps you have, the more time it will take in loading up your system, be it MacBook or any other system. So what you need to do is get rid of unnecessary apps for your system

To do that what you need to do is…

Go to System Preference > Users & Groups  (As shown in the image below)

Image 1:

my macbook is slow


Once you are in the users and accounts section then the next thing you need to do is you need to click on the lock in the bottom section so that it shows unlocked.

The next you need to tick the checkboxes (check image 2) in the login items tab and then press the minus button at the bottom. So for example, if you need to remove Alfred you need to click on the checkbox and click on the minus button and it will remove all the apps from your login section.

Image 2:

how to speed up your macbook

Right now you can see it is clean because I have cleaned it and have removed about dozen apps from here and I didn’t want them to start with system boot but they were still consuming my time.

So I have removed them and have only 2 apps; one the default app and the other one is the Alfred app.

5. Remove Unused Apps:

In this tip, I will show you how to clean your MacBook. I know this is a big one, we all know about it but we rarely do it.

After trying and testing close to a dozen of uninstalling apps, Cleanmymac is the one which I liked the most.


how to clean up my macbook pro to run faster

You can clean a lot of old files, apps, system junk, photo junk, email attachments, iTunes junk and trash bins.

Download Cleanmymac and get your MacBook deep cleaned.


6. Tune Up Your Disk


This, in my opinion, is the best MacBook slowing down fix. It is very important to repair your disk every now and then, to do that what you need to do is open Spotlight/Alfred (Command (⌘) – Spacebar) using the launch bar and then type Disk Utility in it.

Once you have done that a window like this will open up,

Click on First Aid > Run.

And the disk will repair itself for all the issues. During this repair time, the disk will lock the usage for other folders, make sure that you are not using any other folder or doing anything else while this first aid is happening with the system.

Check the image below and copy the steps on how to do it.


corsair memory finder


7. Empty The Dashboard Section

I have seen this with a lot of people, they keep their Dashboard but they don’t use it often. Dashboard section is the section that looks a bit like this and can be opened using one of the hotkeys.

Or by even swiping right with two fingers on the trackpad

I wasn’t using it because I could see time, weather and calculations in my other tools and dashboard section on the side were consuming a lot of processing power. So it was an obvious decision to cut down on the extra processing power that it was consuming.

If you have to remove the applications to save processing power, you need to click on the place where the arrow is pointed, once that is done the apps will have a minus button, you just need to click on them and they will be removed.

The more applications that you get rid of, the faster your processing speed will be.


How to make my macbook run faster


And if you want to get rid of the dashboard itself completely then you need to run Spotlight/Alfred app and search for terminal in it.

Run Alfred/Spotlight (Command (⌘) – Spacebar)> type terminal > Open terminal and type this code to run it

First Type: defaults write mcx-disabled-boolean YES  (Please type with exact cases as mentioned here and don’t copy paste the code. It works only when you type.)


Macbook speed up

And press Enter once you press Enter.


how to make your macbook run faster


Second Type: killall Dock (and press enter and it will be done)

Now you can go and see the dashboard won’t be there anymore and then press enter, you will get rid of the dashboard section and your system works much faster than ever before.


8. Tweak The Finder Section


I have noticed that a lot of times the Finder section which runs as default in the MacBook is loading files in its cache unnecessarily. I mean half of the files it loads, you won’t even need them, this is how you cut down on the extra files searches which it keeps loaded in its cache.

Go To Apple menu > Finder > Preferences > Advanced and select the following options.

MacBook Pro running very Slowing Down


Then next click to general and select the following settings.

MacBook Pro Slowing Down

Copy the settings as shown above.


9. Auto Clean Your Trash


You should clean your trash every 30 days because a filled up trash is also using your system’s processing power so it is better if it is cleaned on time or it is set up on auto delete for every 30 days.

To set your trash on auto delete for every 30 days all you need to do is, go to the finder menu > Advanced > click the empty trash after 30 days feature.


how to clean up my macbook pro to run faster


And your trash will be cleaned automatically and will keep your MacBook running faster.


10. Remove Malware from your MacBook:


The whole story of that Macs doesn’t get a virus isn’t a thing. This tip will teach you how to get rid of viruses on Macbook Air, Pro and rest of ther models. How do I know that because I had about dozen malware in my system and I didn’t know about it because unlike Windows if you have viruses and malwares in your system your system won’t start acting all weird.

Thankfully there are a ton of free softwares that can do the job for you.

I have been using malware bytes for quite some time and have been very satisfied with it.

Go here and download Malwarebytes and start cleaning your Macbook.


11. Reinstall the OS:


A lot of times this is what I have noticed that whenever I have gone back to my default MacBook OS, the one that came pre-installed during the purchase time, once you do that it will start working fine like it was working before.

If you are facing issues with doing it yourself go to your MacBook repair centre get your MacBook serviced and ask the representative to reinstall the default OS in your MacBook.


12. Hardware Upgrade:  HardDisk & RAM

If you are still an impatient dude and want blazingly fast speed.

I can give you 2 recommendations on how to make your MacBook run faster.

First just upgrade your RAM. Get the highest specification ram that you can.

But before you do that see whether your computer can support ram upgrades or not. For example, RAM upgrades are not available with MacBook Air.

The most popular ram upgrade and the most economical Ram is from Corsair

You can click here to buy it and install it yourself by watching this YouTube tutorial over here.

Second, you can switch from HDD to SSD drive. The thing is that all new MacBook models come with SSD as pre-installed so they are faster than the previous generation MacBooks.

So what you can do is buy the best and the most economical one out there from Samsung called EVO.

They are available in different models like.  120GB, 250GB, 500GB.

But you can not make these changes in the Air series as this can only work on MacBooks and MacBook Pro

You can buy them from Amazon and install it on your own by watching this tutorial over here.


13. Clean Out The System Preference Section


if you have been using a lot of apps and downloads you’ll notice that your system preferences section might be super heavy and loaded, the other thing which you can do to fix slow MacBook is by getting rid of unnecessary apps using the remove button.


how to get rid of viruses on Macbook air


Go to the system preferences > remove the apps you are not using in the bottom-most section of the window pane.

Double click and remove them from the system preferences section.


14. Use Opera As A Browser: 80% Less Data


I know a lot of people who swear by using Google Chrome, Firefox and even Safari on the MacBook. But it has taken me about 2 years of working on all these browsers to finally switch on Opera browser.

This year’s launch of Opera. The version of 2017 has made opera as the best browser of this year. It blocks ads, Enables VPN, Saves 80% data optimizes browsing with low-speed and so much more. It’s as if this browser is built for speed only. It’s so fast that if you see the data it has saved you’ll be astonished by the results of it.


Ram Upgrades Macbook Pro

Click here to download the new Opera browser, just try it once with an open mind and you’ll love.

Another good thing about opera is that you can import all your extensions and passwords from any browser to opera without doing much in a one switch tool.


15. Stop The Magnification


Have you ever noticed how you hover your mouse on the icons in the dock section and the icons show up as big ones? How do you think that magic happens?

Of course, it takes up system’s processing power to do that. So the next you should do is to cut down on that option.

To do that, what you have to do is, you need to go to System Preferences > Dock


how to speed up your macbook air

Once you have clicked on the dock then the next step is to uncheck the reduce magnification and change the minimize window using to scale effect.

See the image below and copy it again.

How To Speed Up MacBook


16. Remove The Eye Candy Features


The eye candy stuff like transparent menus, window bars and title menus require processing power and it’s best that you cut down on unnecessary processing by reducing it.

To do that you need to again go to Apple menu > System preference > accessibility > reduce transparency (Uncheck the option)


How To Speed Up MacBook


Once you click there then next click on display > reduce transparency (uncheck the option)


How To Speed Up MacBook

17. Restart Your Macbook Often


Restarting your MacBook clear down the cache memory and shuts down the unnecessary running applications. I know a lot of people who own MacBooks, they don’t shut their laptop, what they do is either they shut down the lid or put it on the sleep mode.

If you restart it time to time I think the speed part should be in good shape.

18. Cut Down On Browser Extensions


Another key thing I have noticed even with my browser is that I have installed way too many apps, try auditing your apps time to time and you’ll notice that your system and your browser will perform much faster as compared to before.


19. Clear Your Browser Cache And History


I mean this is the most obvious advice ever, if you are not clearing your browser history and clearing the cache from time to time it will start slowing down. Clean it every 15 days and see the difference yourself.

Go to the browser preferences > Delete history and cache memory


20. Have Space On Your Hard Drive


One of the very simple reasons for your system to work slow is because it doesn’t have enough free HD space. Ideally be it a MacBook, Windows, Linux or any other system. You need to have some free space so that the major programs can take up the free space to perform important tasks.

How To Speed Up MacBook


You can clean extra space that has been occupied by junk using Cleanmymac. Download it here and start decluttering your MacBook HD.


21. Clean Your Desktop


Isn’t this the most obvious tip?

Please clean up your desktop as the more amount of files and folders you have in front of your system, the more time your MacBook will take during booting


22. Cut Down On Running Apps


Go open spotlight or if you are working on Alfred app Launch it and enter activity monitor and open it.

And cut down on all the apps that you think you don’t need to run right now but are consuming a lot of memory and processing power. You won’t even know that a lot of apps that you have been running in the background with you even having opened them, go there and remove them or force quit them.

This is what an activity monitor should look like. Like right now you can see since system preferences were consuming processing power and I was not using it so I have quit it for now, but I can open it anytime later on…


How To Speed Up MacBook

Steps (Repeat):

Start Spotlight search > Type Activity Monitor > Force quite a memory consuming apps.

So these were the tips to speed up your MacBook if you are facing any other issues in implementing these let me know in the comments section below and I’d be more than happy to help you guys.

If not that, just say hello, I’d be happy to hear from you.

It has taken me a long time to write this stuff. If you found it useful in any way, please share it using the links below.

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