The Step by Step Method To Create A Freelancer Profile That Gets You Money, FAST (Including Examples From Upwork)

The Step by Step Method To Create A Freelancer Profile That Gets You Money, FAST (Including Examples From Upwork)

A lot of people usually get excited about the idea of making money online and setting their own work hours.

I know because the idea of setting your own work hours appeals to a lot of people. The freedom of controlling your pay raise and having the luxury to work whenever you want is thrilling and rewarding at the same time.

Freelancing today is completely different from what it used to be a few years back.

Today you can go to any freelancing website and create your profile on it and start getting clients on your own. But a large number of people give up very early in the freelancing journey only to take up low paying jobs.

Now a thing to wonder would be why would someone do that?

Why would someone get excited to make money online and then give up months after starting their freelancing career?

It’s simple because they weren’t able to get any clients.

Over the years I have seen that the best way to get high paying clients is by creating a high converting freelancing profile.

Your Freelancing profile is like your resume.

If you have a poorly written resume, guess what?

No one is going to select you.

If you are able to articulate your value as a high-quality guy, then you’ll be able to find high paying freelancing gigs all the time.

After working with a lot of people I have realised that a high converting freelancing profile is 20% of the game when it comes to making money online through freelancing portals.

That’s the reason why i am covering up some of the basic ideas of how you can create your freelancing profile and tweak it to get more freelance projects.

Let’s get started….


1. Username:


The most important thing that I have seen missing with a lot of freelancers is that they don’t put much thought in selecting their username.

The closer you are to having your REAL name, the better your chances will be in winning clients.  I mean this is literally the first thing anyone will ever see on your profile.

Try to use your full name and don’t be ashamed of your personality.

If you think from a buyer’s perspective.

I have seen a lot of people using chat room styled alias names. Some use classy, sassy or even funny names.

freelancer profile

(People want to interact with people, and that’s why freelancers outsell agencies, This name looks unprofessional for connecting with clients)

freelancer profile

 (While it might sound trivial but capitalization of first letters is IMP, people can perceive through the details and see the real you and your professionalism)

Try to use your full real name on your freelancing profile.


2. Professional Image:


If you have put up a selfie as your profile image or plan to do so…

Please don’t do it.

Selfies and casual camera shots communicate a casual approach to prospective clients.

I see a lot of people use casual or selfie like photos for their profile.

While you might get clients from doing so, but if you wish to enter the ranks of high paying freelancers then you should have a professional photo of your profile.

Just like on your LinkedIn profile you won’t use a selfie, the same way you shouldn’t use a casual image on your freelancing account.

If you don’t have a professional photo yet, then investing in a professional photo shoot is something you’d want to consider for yourself.

The end goal with this is to win over clients by appearing professional yet friendly in your photo. Having a friendly warm smile will also help if you can do that.

Look at some examples of high converting profiles here..

freelancer profile

freelancer profile

freelancer profile

freelancer profile

freelancer profile

The common thing in all these profiles is that all of them have lighting and a proper friendly smiling face which is visible in their photos.

Again, you could argue how the photo doesn’t matter but in reality, it does, that’s why all top freelancers have a warm and friendly profile picture that works well for them.


3. Be A Solution Expert:


The more clear you are in your title, the better will be your conversions.

Clients are not concerned with your skills or what you are good at.

They want to know whether you are right person or not.

Whether you can solve their problem or not.

And that is where communicating your value in the title comes into the picture.

On any freelancing website, whatever category you are in, you will be competing with a lot of people for clients, to differentiate yourself from others you need to niche yourself and write a title that makes you a specific solutions specialist.

For example, if you are a computer programmer, just writing computer programmer on your profile might not be the right way to communicate your value.

You need to niche down your targeting and write a title that is addressing a large enough market but at the same time is very specific and is a skill set which pays well (because at the end of the day you want to be well paid for your work)

Like you could write niche yourself from computer programmer to specific titles like.

“ IOS developer “

“ Android Developer “

“ Wallet Creator Developer “

“ Marketplace Developer “

“ WordPress Plugin Developer “

“ Shopify App developer “

You could also add up prefixes like “ Senior “, “ Experienced “, “ High – Quality “, “ Skilled “ to stand out as a subject authority in your domain.

Don’t try to go broad and target a large audience like the computer programmer example I gave you above.

Rather get specific about your profile and target a small market.

This way you’d have higher chances of being discovered on any freelancing profile.

Also, try to write your every letter of the word as capitalized, it looks neat and professional. This might appear trivial, but the devil is in the details. 🙂

Address your skills and match them up with your prospective clients’ goals.

And you should have a start sort of profile.

upwork profile


upwork profile


upwork profile


upwork profile

Understand you need to take this title writing as a test.

You won’t hit a home run for the first time. You will have to tweak your title until it starts converting. So keep testing with 4-6 targeted title names and see what kind of results it can produce.

Note: Another very crucial thing which I feel that people miss is to communicate in the client’s language.

For example, if creating a mobile application for iPhone platform you need to know SWIFT as a programming language, while that may be the industry code term if you are looking for a developer.

But when your average client is looking for iPhone mobile application development, he might not search for a term like SWIFT programmer (which is an industry term btw)

He’d rather search for IOS developer because that’s the language all the buyers use.

So it is crucial to use words, terms, phrases and verbiage which your prospective clients use in communicating their concerns.

Not what you think they use.

If you can communicate in a language which they understand, you are separating yourself from thousands of other freelancers who aren’t able to connect better with their clients.

Like look for these titles, they are very salesy in nature plus communicating in client’s language as well.

upwork profile


upwork profile


4. Writing A Crisp Bio:


I have seen this so many times, most of the profiles that you’ll see on freelancing platforms are written with boring BIOs.

Essentially bio is your actual sales pitch which will help you in showing your value to your prospective buyer.

9 out of 10 times you will see that the BIOs that you see on these freelancing websites, they don’t even connect with the prospective buyer.

BIOs are meant to sell the person and his services, that’s the whole point of it.

A high converting bio attracts a lot of customers on its own.

Ideally, that’s the position you should be in as a freelancer, where you are being approached by a lot of clients on and business keeps coming to you on an autopilot mode.

If you wish to stand out in the market full of freelancers you should take care of the following things…

  1. Know your target market well and use the phrases they use while defining their problems.
  2. Address their fears and concerns.
  3. Address how will you fix their problem.
  4. Enlist your skills or services which will let them trust you over a normal person.

Examples of high converting freelancer profiles.


freelance profile

And another one..

freelance profile

And another…

freelance profile

Try to write your bio in a friendly manner and make the tone a bit friendly and casual, as if you are writing it to your friend.

If you see these profiles you will notice they have been written as if the person is talking direct one on one with the buyer…

Other things to take care of that will get you more clients.

1. Display credibility markers: qualifications, experience, tests, past work or portfolio: You can check the employment history, education and other experiences section for that.

freelance profile

2.Add only the best work: In your portfolio add the targeted work for which you are running after, try to add the best work if you can.

freelance profile

3. Attempt skill tests: Try to attempt skill tests so that people who are hiring you can see you and your credibility in the skillset for which they are hiring you for.

freelance profile


Short Tips:

  • Start studying the best profiles in your category, and try to copy their strategy and get inspired by their copy and create something similar to theirs.
  • Proofread your content before you make it live on your website. You can use the free Grammarly premium account to proofread your profile.

I think these tips are enough to set up your profile and get started in the world of online freelancing. I will write more content on how you can make more money in freelancing by taking up more ideas.

Here’s another article I think you might find valuable for starting up.

But that being said. Only reading won’t help, you need to take action and implement these tips.

Don’t read any more information further unless you implement these tips and test them out in the freelancing market.

If you follow the steps and create the profile I’d be happy to review it in the comments section and give you feedback on it.

Comment and let me know what are your current struggles in starting to make money online through freelancing.

Yours Truly

Kirti Prakash

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