14 Best Websites To Find Freelance Work In India

14 Best Websites To Find Freelance Work In India

A lot of people in India these days have started moving away from regular paying 9-5 jobs. Mainly because there are other options which pay nicely without working for long hours.

And that’s where specifically freelancing as a career has been working out for a lot of people in India off late. I mean it does make sense, doesn’t it?

The money that you make every month as your fixed salary is something that you’d make in just 4 clients and completing that task would barely take you 1 week in total.

Everyone wants freedom these days & people want to work in a job that they love. And that’s why a lot of people have started creating their freelancer profile and are taking up freelancing as a full-time career option for themselves.

The best thing about freelancing is that it gives you the opportunity to work online from whichever location you like.

So you can set your own hours, your own time and your own workplace.

And with the number of freelancing opportunities growing up in India, there are a lot of Indian freelance websites where you can find all types of work for yourself.

I have taken down this list of all these top freelance websites in India & how you can work towards getting clients through these websites.

Top Websites to find freelance work In India on a consistent basis.


1) Truelancer:


Freelance Work In India

Currently, Truelancer is #1 amongst the top 10 freelance websites of India. They have a lot of skilled freelancers who have joined their portal from all across the web working in popular categories like Computer programmers, Web Designers, Logo Designers, Copywriter, Data experts, Marketing Experts and many Others.

Their processes are neatly defined that as a freelancer you will get your payments on time and the clients will get their job done to their satisfaction. They have this process where they list out the gig and deliverables clearly so that it is documented for both the involved parties before they even starts their work.

It has mobile apps on android and ios platform. What that does is that brings bids for client jobs at a much faster pace since a lot of freelancers are logged in through their cellphone. You will find that most of top freelancers in India are active on Truelancer because of the volume of work they get from there.


2) Touchtalent:


freelance copywriter salary

Touchtalent is a freelance work website that is made for the creatives who are looking for online work from the comfort of their home.  They usually get clients for over 100 countries.

What you can do is create an account over there and share your creative material with other people. You will see the freelancers over there have shared stuff like creative bobbles, WhatsApp backgrounds, paintings, animation, movies, videos etc.

It also has android and ios apps, so that cuts down their response time from the freelancers’ end.


3) WorknHire:


find freelance work online

Worknhire is a place where you find freelance work specifically from Indian clients tailoring Indian needs. They have a lot of popular categories like Programming, copywriting, data entry and other simple stuff like a logo and graphic designing. They have an escrow system for payments so you know whatever work you do is same for payment’s sake and you’ll get your payments on time from the clients’ end.

Another cool thing about freelancing on this website is that you can figure out how to find people which are closer to your area, so in future, you might also get a chance to connect with them in an offline manner. It’s free for freelancers to use. It doesn’t have much competition as of now so honestly, it is a good place to work for freelancers as of today.


4) FreelanceIndia:


Freelance india

Freelanceindia is one of the top freelance websites in India, and they have been operational for almost a decade now. The site UI and UX is little tricky and hard to read but if you tweak around here and there you’d be able to figure out how to find good high-quality work on the website.

If you compare it with other freelancing portals in the market then you are at a slight disadvantage as a freelancer because finding jobs on this portal is really HARD.


5) HiFreelancer:


how to find freelance work online

They are almost same to other Indian freelancing portals but the work that’s distributed here on their website follows an international currency model of USD. It also follows the escrow model which makes it safe for freelancers to work on it.

Again it is a good website to figure out how to find high quality and high paying freelance work in India.


6) Oncontract:


indian freelance websites

Oncontract isn’t exactly a freelance work finding website but it is more of contacting website where you find clients and connect with them for work and then the client and you can figure out after working on a short-term whether you want to work for a long-term project or not.

Posting projects over there is a paid affair but the payments are not safe since there is no escrow format that’s available within the portal.


7) Youthforwork:


freelancers website india

YouthForWork is the only freelance website in India that has been created specifically for students who are looking to find freelance work in India. There a lot of part-time and full-time jobs on their portal which is specifically targeted for students.

So there are tests which are listed on their website. These tests actually highlight what will be the outcome your job wise. The way you score in your tests will reflect in the way you score GIGs on their portal.

Clients and companies can select you and give you work based on seeing your performance.


8) Freelancer:


freelance projects india

Freelancer.in is the Indian version of the international website freelancer. Freelancer has been around for quite some time in the freelancing world. It is one of the oldest and the best freelance websites India has at the moment.

The payment format works in USD and it has an escrow format of working for things so you know your money would be safe that ways. You need to bid and compete for projects and the clients will pick the deals which they think are the best in their benefit.

The client commission here is 3% and for the freelancers, it is 10%.


9) Creativefreelancersindia.com


freelance work website

I would rate creative freelancers India as one of the best websites for freelance work in India when it comes to creative fields.

You can find a copywriter, Designer, Animator, sound editor, video editor & other types of creative freelancers.

It is free to use and join the website, where you can come and start applying for gigs right away.


10) DesignHill:


best freelance websites india

Designhill likes to call itself as world’s best graphic design freelancing website. It works more or less like 99 designs in format.

So basically what happens is that the clients can post their requirements of design and the freelancers (Designers) will start making rough plans and will submit their applications.

The application which the freelancers might like will be chosen and the work will be awarded to that freelancer.

As far as Indian freelance work scenario is concerned they have the most well designed and thought out the website that I have ever seen.


11) The Flexiport:


how to work as a freelancer in india

Flexjobs is a portal that is meant for people who are looking for flexible hourly jobs. All the positions that are put up their by their team and have a tough screening process. So that you don’t face any type of problem in the future with respect to job quality.


12) Job Portals: (Naukri, Quikr, OLX & Shine.com)


freelancing sites in india

The scope and depth of freelancing in India is huge, and with that how can we forget the conventional websites which offer your routine 9-5 jobs. Because a lot of Employers find freelancers in India through these conventional job hunting sites.

You can figure out how to find part-time and freelance jobs on these portals by refining the advanced search option that’s available over there. But unlike other freelance work finding portals it is slightly difficult to figure out the payment part on these portals but even then they are a worthy place if you want to check out jobs for part-time and freelancing.


13) Dreamstarts:


freelance work online india

I wouldn’t call Dreamstarts as a freelancing portal but it is a job board that generates job postings and people can apply for them in whatever manner they can. They don’t have any payment checkout place or any review for freelancers. Not an ideal place for someone to go and find freelance work.

But for full time and part time jobs, you should definitely check them out.


14) Instastudio:


freelance work in india

Instastudio is an Indian networking freelance work finding portal based out of India. They work specifically for content & has a lot of gigs for content marketing. It is not a technical freelance marketplace in a full-fledged sense like other but does fairly well for generating gigs.

Lately, they haven’t been getting great traction on their portal & they seem to be lagging amongst other portals.

But there are a lot of freelancing websites India has and if you know about any other websites, let me know I’d be more than happy to update this list.

My #1 recommendation for the best freelancer site in India is Truelancer.

And if you have any other doubts/questions regarding this type it in the comments section below and I will try to answer them as quickly as I can.

And yeah if you are looking to freelance you go here and read my exhaustive list on 89 websites for finding freelance work

See you soon

Kirti Prakash

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  1. Kirti hi,

    I am too looking out for freelancing work but not what you have mentioned in your blog. I am a hard core Procurement professional and with huge knowledge in the industry for over 25years I want to utilize same in helping organizations to procure their needs. Can you help on how to proceed on it? Currently I am associated with real estate, interior, infrastructure development company and want to work for additional income. I have worked for shipping, marine, mining, manufacturing industries in the past.
    Do advise me on how to get associated with online entities like Amazon, flip kart, etc.

    1. Sawant, u say u r a “procurement professional” but u r unable to procure a job for yourself, and r relying on others?

      This is a huge blow to your resume, if anybody from any of these companies reads ur request, they will immediately trash ur resume in the dustbin.

      Be careful what u put out there on the net, and if can really do what you say, then do it, without asking others for help.

  2. Great Kirti !!!
    Thank you so much for posting such a brilliant list of 14 Best Websites that will help to Find Freelance Work In India. i am really impressed. i liked your writing skill also. I don’t usually print out blog posts, but I’ve printed this one. so that I can use it for reference when I am need of inspiration. Thanks for sharing..

  3. ooo sir .. You are doing a great job for those people who are interested in freelancers work…
    Beside this your site looks pretty awesome, super feeling when I’m browsing posts. Everything runs and loads fast and smooth.

  4. Nice Article for freelancers. Thanks for writing such a good article in the form of tips for freelancing jobs. I am looking to try these tips for myself usable. People always try direct method but most of time these trick don’t works. Your tips are helpful for the person to make good blog posting for their websites or blog and content freelancing writing jobs. I Personally found your tips very useful for my carved wooden furniture blog http://www.blog.birchi.in/

  5. Hello Kirti, Which sites are most reliable for Animation freelance works? I am an animator and am looking for taking one person projects from freelancer websites.
    P.S. : I am an amateur freelancer. Suggest accordingly.
    Thank you for putting up this list. Its so far only place where i have found the “best sites in india for freelance work” list.

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