89 Websites To Getting Freelance Jobs Fast

89 Websites For Getting Freelance Jobs Fast

If you are someone who is looking to make money online through freelance jobs chances are, that you already have a skill set that is high in demand.

Even if you don’t have one now it’s not an issue; you can train yourself to build a particular skill. And if you keep honing your skillet you can make a lot of money as you get better with it.

Because freelancing as a career is becoming very popular amongst the masses.

In fact, trends have been suggesting that going ahead in the future more and more people will take up full-time freelancing as a profession instead of taking up a regular 9-5 job.

and trust me that shift is already here & if you catch the train at the right time (which is like RIGHT NOW) you’d be able to reap the results of it while going ahead in the future.

Now I know If you are starting out you might be wondering where can I get an endless supply of clients and how do I convince them to work with me?

Relax! You don’t need to worry that much. 😀

I have covered these topics in depth on the blog. you can read these articles and get started on your freelancing journey.

But my key point here is that if you PUT in your time and effort to build the skills that get you high paying GIGs online & learn how to pitch to clients on a consistent basis, you can quickly start breaking into numbers like $1000 – $5000 per month on a regular basis.

What I have done is I have taken down a list of currently active websites where you can find money making opportunities by finding great freelance jobs which will suit your Skillset.

So whether you are a marketer, programmer, designer, writer or anyone. You’ll find something for your self on this list.

Here’s a list of websites to get freelance jobs fast.


1) Upwork:


freelance jobs website

Up work is currently the most dominant website when it comes to freelancing. Few years back Odesk and Elance came together and brought all their traffic and got into a merger which got the name as Upwork and ever since there has been no looking back.  They usually take 20% cut for beginners but it goes down as you get more experienced in the game.

You can sign up on Upwork by clicking here.


2) Craigslist:


upward freelance

Before even the word freelancing started people were hiring professionals through craigslist. Even today Craigslist is used by a lot of people across the world, especially if you are looking to get any work done in US. Craigslist is a good place. But the only problem with it is that the job postings aren’t very targeted and you’ll have to compete on price

You can sign up on Craigslist by clicking here.


3) Damongo:


freelance jobs website

Damongo is considered to be the best portal for small micro jobs on the internet. It has simple tasks which will take you an hour or two to finish. Since a lot of people on the web are looking for small gigs Damongo just fills in the right gap with respect to that.

You can sign up on Damongo by clicking here.


4) Fourerr:


freelance jobs website

Fourerr is another micro job site which caters at fulfilling small jobs of 1- 2 hours. Again you’ll have to compete with a lot of people to make your mark over there and get handsome amount. But if you are able to build your profile then you’d be able to get consistent work on autopilot. Great site, must check.

You can sign up on Fouerr by clicking here.


5) Findeavor:


freelance jobs website

Findeavor is a friendly micro job site which will get you gigs like the ones you get on Fiverr. The gigs that you will notice here are small in ticket sizes ranging from $5 – $500.As a seller you can sell a lot of services in these in small tickets which will add up a lot if you know how to sell them on the portal. Great place to be on, must join.

You can sign up on Findeavor by clicking here.


6) Onsite:


freelance designer jobs

Onsite is a well-guarded marketplace which gives you high-quality freelancers for every job that you post. What that means is, if you get selected on their portal, you’ll have high-quality clients coming right at you. You need to submit samples of your work to be there and have someone who can refer you over to the portal. They don’t accept new people on their portal.

You can sign up on Onsite by clicking here.


7) Folyo:


freelance designer jobs

Folyo is an exciting portal, it is not like your regular freelancing website where you come and post your requirement and everyone starts posting their details. No. No. It’s not that. It’s more of a peer to peer network where every freelancer will refer to you to other person so that the job goes to the right person. And you get an amazing end result because of this referral system.

You can sign up on Folyo by clicking here.


8) The Muse:


freelance designer jobs

The Muse has close to 50,000+ job applications at this point in time.

It has a list of all the top active companies (across the globe) which are looking for high-quality talent. The thing I like about TheMuse is that as a freelancer it will expose you to a lot of high-paying jobs and opportunities. Although they have more of full-time positions they do have a good number of remote and part-time positions as well.

You can sign up on TheMuse By clicking here.


9) Indeed:


freelance designer jobs

Indeed will aggregate all the best remote job, part-time and freelance job opportunities for you. It has close to 5000+ jobs of such categories.

You can sign up on Indeed by clicking here.


10) Skip the Drive:


freelance designer jobs

SkipTheDrive offers an excellent database of different kinds of job opportunities. You can find a lot of jobs in the categories of Account Management, Consulting, HR, Project Management, Accounting, Customer Service, Information Technology and so much more.

You can sign up on Skipthedrive by clicking here.


11) Virtual Vocations:


How to get freelance jobs

VirtualVocations has a manually selected and a curated list of GIGs from a set companies which have been vetted by their internal team of experts. So that whatever job you get, you will get it from companies who have a great background & that will give you a great experience while working with them.It gets new listings every day, so if you refresh it and keep checking, I am sure you’ll find something that

It gets new listings every day, so if you refresh it and keep checking, I am sure you’ll find something that FITs nicely with you.

You can sign up on Virtualvocations by clicking here.


12) Speedlancer:


How to get freelance jobs

Speedlancer is picking up a lot of momentum these days because it has been ranked amongst one of the best freelancing websites. They provide less turn-around time and have a freelancer network which delivers projects which have a high satisfaction rate. 

Their USP is that they will finish your job in a matter of 4 hours from start to finish.

The only thing I didn’t like about them is that their commission percentages are as high as Upwork. 

You can join Speedlancer by signing up here.


13) Inbound:


How to get freelance jobs

Inbound is another popular freelancing portal where you can find jobs in a lot of categories. Some of the popular categories on Inbound are Content, Design, Development, Management, Marketing, Sales, SEO & Social Media.

It is mainly focused for first world people. The best thing about inbound is that they don’t charge you any commission fee like other popular freelancing platforms. So that way they are pretty good.

You can sign up by clicking here.


14) Workmarket:


How to get freelance jobs

Workmarket is a website which focuses on offering Sales, Marketing, Communication and other Business Development opportunity based jobs.

They usually charge a commission fee to linking people with each other but that’s only charged from the clients’ end. As a Freelancer, it is 100% free for you to use.

You can sign up on Workmarket by clicking here.


15) Working Not Working:


How to get freelance jobs

Working not working is a website for the freelancers. It was built in 2012 with only and only one aim, which is to get high-paying jobs to high-quality freelancers. 

It has jobs ranging from Advertising, Design, Technology and Production.

It is free for freelancers. But takes an upfront fee or a commission percentage from the jobs that the clients post.

You can sign up on working not working by clicking here.


16) RemoteOk:


How to get freelance jobs

Remote ok is not like your classic freelancing website but you will get a lot of interested people who want to have your skills and talents in their organization. It is a job board where small and medium-sized businesses and startups post different types of requirement.

These positions range from part-time, full-time, freelance jobs in a remote format.

There is no signup required, no commissions or anything. All you have to do is find the jobs that you like and start applying for them and then if the clients find you a FIT they’ll hire you depending on their requirement.

It is not restricted to any one type of job. You can even sign up to their newsletter and get daily updates on the kind of jobs that you are looking for.

A lot of people that I know personally have taken up jobs from there and it is fantastic.

You can sign up on RemoteOk by clicking here.


17) Jobspresso:


How to get freelance jobs

Jobspresso is another site that gets high work in a remote format. Lately, remote jobs have been picking up great pace and Jobspresso is also another fantastic place where you can get connected to companies offering remote jobs.

They offer different kinds of jobs in areas like Technology, marketing, customer support and so much more.

There are 2 ways to find jobs over there. 1. Is by uploading your resume and letting the companies find you. 2. By going after businesses and finding them and applying for jobs over there.

There is no fee or commission structure to work over there.

You can sign up on Jobspresso by clicking here.


18) Problogger Jobs:


How to get freelance jobs

It is one of the best blogging suggestion websites that you can go to. Usually what I have seen is that all the top bloggers visit ProBlogger on a very timely basis.

If you are someone who is looking to enter into the freelance writing scenes and is looking to get highly paid then I’d definitely recommend you to check pro blogger out and start networking with some of the popular bloggers out there. The gigs that you will find on ProBlogger would be specifically for people who are into writing. it is for people who are writers looking for remote, Freelance, Part-time, Full-time jobs.

You can go and sign up here for Problogger Jobs


19) College Recruiter:


How to get freelance jobs

College recruiter is specifically for people or students who are in college and are looking for side gigs to support their studies. For college kids it can be a great way to enter the world of the professional field of your choice while also earning some cool money along the way. For people who are looking for remote and part-time jobs.

You can go and sign up here for college recruiter.


20) Rat Race Rebellion:


How to get freelance jobs

RatRaceRebellion has close to 100k jobs onboard with it and it gets updated on every hour with the best and highest paying jobs [Industry standards wise]. Even their tagline says work from home jobs and extra cash.

They only have jobs which are remote and help you in making quick bucks

You can sign up on Ratracerebellion by clicking here.


21) Working Nomads:


How to get freelance jobs

Working Nomads is basically a platform for people to find remote jobs in full-time and part-time format across the world. It is mainly built for individuals who are looking for digital marketing and digital media type of jobs.

It sends all these jobs openings right in your inbox.

You can sign up on Working nomads by clicking here.


22) Remotive:


freelance websites list

Remotive is also another remote job portal that offers different types of openings for people who are looking for jobs in a work from home setting. You don’t need to create a login for this website, you can just start scrolling and select the jobs which appeal the most to you.

It is really popular in positions like Marketing, Sales, Engineering, HR and other areas.

You can sign up on Remotive by clicking here.


23) Just Answer:


freelance websites list

JustAnswer is your classic go to the website looking for jobs. But it is an answering portal something like Quora. So if over a period of time your answers get good and you build some sort of credibility working with people you can then move into the next zone which is getting paid for writing answers for other people, if they request help from you.

You can sign up on Justanswer by clicking here.


24) Krop:


freelance websites list

Krop is a popular job board for almost all types of job positions. If you sign up for their free trial version you can create your own portfolio and drive some potential people which would be interested in hiring you.

You can sign up on krop by clicking here.


25) Cloudpeeps:


freelance websites list

Cloudpeeps is a more of community-driven format kind of platform where people help each other in finding talent independent professionals that are well versed in aspects of Marketing, content creation, stories and designs etc and so much more.

You can sign up on Cloudpeeps by clicking here.


26) MeFi Jobs:


freelance websites list

MeFi jobs has projects from all across the world. The best part is that it is a community-driven portal. So not only can you find people from wherever you want but you can also find individuals who are within your geographic reach. This way you can get the best of both worlds.

You can sign up for Mefi Jobs by clicking here.


27) Aquent:


freelance websites list

Aquent is also a community-based website which is more geared towards creative professionals, Digital marketers and technologists who want to be a part of your team.

You can sign up on Aquent by clicking here.


28) Linkedin Profinder:


freelance websites list

I hope that Linkedin Profinder doesn’t need any introduction here. But to put it in simple words LinkedIn is the best place on earth to find working and high-skilled professionals and if there is a way to get them to work on freelance projects then there is nothing to beat that.

You can sign up on Linkedin Profinder by clicking here.


29) Tutor:


freelance websites list


Tutor is an online tuition coaching website for people who are looking to teach others and make money online by teaching subjects and courses to others people. Currently, it is the number one website in the online tuition world. Become a tutor on their website and you can then start getting teaching gigs.

You can sign up on Tutor by clicking here.


30) TutorVista:


freelancer jobs

Tutorvista is also a popular tutoring website that will show you how to make money online through means of tuition and coaching. It is as simple as signing up on facebook. Once you go through their signup process you will realize that

You’ll have the option to choose from either monthly packages or hourly packages.

You can sign up on TutorVista by clicking here.


31) Chegg Tutor:


freelancer jobs

Chegg tutors ranks almost same when it comes to online tuition and coaching. The online coaching opportunities start from as little as $20 and goes upwards to as much as you can push it to. The top 5% of the tutors are earning the most amount of money over there in roughly $1000 per hour range.

The more you get better in building your reputation the better you are going to get when it comes to making money.

You can sign up on Chegg tutor by clicking here.


32) DailyPosts:


freelancer jobs

So technically Dailyposts is a freelance web agency that provides writers on demand to other people. In order to get great and consistent work from their portal you’ll have crack into becoming one of the top writers on their website.

You can sign up on Dailyposts by clicking here.


33) Textbroker:


freelancer jobs

Textbroker is also a great website for people who are looking for writing GIGs. it is a simple website that connects businesses and SMEs looking to get connections to professional writers. If you can make it into becoming one of their top authors then money will come to you in good numbers.

You can sign up on TextBroker by clicking here.


34) FlexJobs:


freelancer jobs

Flexjobs is a portal that is meant for people who are looking for flexible hourly jobs. All the positions that are put up their by their team and have a tough screening process. So that you don’t face any type of problem in the future with respect to job quality.

You can sign up on FlexJobs by clicking here.


35) Freelanced:


freelancer jobs

Freelanced is a social networking type of setup that is designed only and only for freelancers. It is a great place to be in if you want to hang out and learn from others. Connecting with other top notch freelances is any day going to help you.

So it is a good place to be in. you can create your own profile, set up your own prices and then start commanding your worth from your clients

You can sign up on Freelanced by clicking here.


36) Freelancer:


Remote SEO jobs

Freelancer is one of the most popular and topmost websites in the world on internet and online freelancing work. If you are looking to take home some serious money, you should definitely be here. They work in a bidding format where you have to BID to win proposals.

You can sign up on Freelancer by clicking here.


37) Genuine Jobs:


Remote SEO jobs

Genuine jobs is a place you will get a lot of online work. Currently it has close to 2000 plus jobs which are empty and haven’t been filled. If you are looking to apply for safe and secure jobs, then genuine jobs is a good places to be at.

You can sign up on Genuinejobs by clicking here.


38) GigBlasters:


Remote SEO jobs

GigBlasters is a portal that specializes in giving small GIGs in the world of advertising, business, email marketing, facebook services and so much more.

In fact if you visit their website you can even view the top trending ones and choose the one which you like the most.

You can sign up on Gigblasters by clicking here.


39) Gigbucks:


Remote SEO jobs

GigBucks is a place where you can have gigs ranging from $5 to $50. It’s like a version of fiverr where you can hire people for small gigs in areas like digital marketing and small gigs which are worth 1-2 hour of time. The quality of work isn’t that great because the ticket size is low but the work is pretty consistent over there.

You can sign up on Gigbucks by clicking here.


40) Gigbux:


Remote SEO jobs

GIgbux is also another website where you put up your offers and deals and make them ready so that others can simply come and buy them. It has deals in the price ranges of $5, $10 and $20.

You can sign up on Gigbux by clicking here.


41) Greatlance:


Remote SEO jobs

Greatlance is a website that has a 50k plus network of freelancers and experts who are working on GIGs that are posted on the website. Employers can usually find the expertise that they are looking for and then post the gigs on the portal. The quality of jobs on the portal are great. Reliability of jobs will never be an issue at greatlance.

You can sign up on Greatlance by clicking here.


42) Guru:


Remote SEO jobs

Guru is also one of the most popular websites when it comes to the freelancing world. It has close to 1.5 Mn freelancers joining in on their website from all across the world.

The quality of work that people post on Guru is very high that’s why it has a loyal list of clients and freelancers.

You can either find fixed price or hourly basis work on the portal.

You can sign up on Guru by clicking here.


43) iFreelance:


Freelance job websites

iFreelance is a great platform which has freelancers in almost every category. It has freelancers, coders, writers and marketers willing to work with you and people on the website have a very high turnaround time. It also doesn’t take any commissions from you,

You can sign up on iFreelance by clicking here.


44) Mechanical Turk:



MechanicalTurk is an Amazon website which gets people on its portal and clients can connect to them by posting their jobs on the portal. You can join there and start working on human intelligence tasks.

You can sign up on MechanicalTurk by clicking here.


45) Truelancer:


Freelance job websites

Truelancer is an Indian freelancing website which caters to a global audience of freelancers. If you are looking to get your work done in a lesser amount. It is mainly for people who are skilled developers, designers and creatives, bloggers and writers, SEO experts, Sales and marketing, mobile apps.

You can sign up on Truelancer by clicking here.


46) Yunojuno:


Freelance job websites

Yunojuno is an excellent place for freelancers to be. You will find a lot of people over there who are getting consistent, high-quality freelance work. Currently, they are operating in 2 cities only; London and New York. It has cool features like contracts and invoicing as well which will help you in dealing with freelancers in a better manner.

You can sign up on YunoJuno by clicking here.


For Writers & Editors:


1) Freelance Writing Gigs:


Freelance job websites

Freelance writing jobs is a portal that is meant for giving out advice on how to approach freelance writing, how to make money, how to get more clients and other types of generic advice which writers usually face when it comes to working online.

It has a job board section which attracts really high quality jobs, you should definitely check them.

You can sign up on Freelance Writing Jobs by clicking here..


2) Freelance Writing Jobs (Canadian)


Freelance job websites

Freelance writing jobs (canadian) is for people who are looking for freelance writing jobs specifically in canada only.

You can sign up on Freelance writing jobs by clicking here..


3) Journalism Jobs:


List of freelance websites

Journalism jobs is for people who are full time or part time journalists and are looking for gigs in this media world only. It has an open database of hundreds of online jobs in print, broadcast and online journalism. Most of the jobs are full time but if you search it properly you will find a lot of freelance, part time and project based as well.

You can sign up on Journalism job by clicking here.


4) Online Writing Jobs:


List of freelance websites

Online writing jobs is website to find jobs where high-quality writers will meet brands that are looking for high-quality content. You need to apply on their website and they will give you all the work. They have well-paying jobs that you on weekly, daily and monthly basis.

You can sign up on Online writing jobs by clicking here.


5) RedGage:


List of freelance websites

Redgage is an online marketplace that allows you to make money online by the means of your blogs, photos, videos, and links.  To join this website you need request your account with Redgage and then they’ll reach out to you and then they’ll approve you.

It’s like social media website that monetizes your activity for other people. That means that you will keep on doing the same work that you are doing on your other social media platforms but if you post the same material here high-quality you will be paid for it.

You can sign up on Redgage by clicking here.


6) Scribendi:


List of freelance websites

Scribendi is an editing and proofreading services marketplace for people who are good in English language. You can create your account with them and start applying for GIGs on their website. As you build you profile and get more reviews you’ll notice more people will start coming to you.

You can sign up on Scribendi by clicking here.


7) Task Army:

List of freelance websites

TaskArmy is the place to be for getting your work outsourced if you have small and low ticket sized gigs. It is similar to getting your work done from fiverr because it has a format similar to them.

You can sign up on TaskArmy by clicking here.


8) Writer Bay:


List of freelance websites

Writerbay is the place to be if you want to get consistently high quality work on writing. It has local chapters and versions for almost all the popular countries. They pay you close to $20 per page and you’ll make more as you get better with skills and retaining customers and work more with them on a long term basis.

You can sign up on Writerbay by clicking here.




1) 99Designs:


Indian Freelancer

99 Designs is currently one of the favourite websites for artists. It is the Go to the website for people who are looking for logos, web design and other types of creatives. Clients will post their needs and then you will send in your submissions, the submissions that get selected will be paid according to the mutual agreement of both the parties.

You can sign up on 99 Designs by clicking here.


2) Art Wanted:


Indian Freelancer

ArtWanted is for people who are looking for getting paid for their artwork. If you want to showcase your artwork, then it is an excellent place to be on. If your art gets selected and someone actually buys it you’d end up making great money on it.

You can sign up on Artwanted by clicking here.


3) Behance:


Indian Freelancer

If you are a designer or a creative person then Behance is the place to be. It’s made for people who want to showcase their design portfolio to their clients.

With showcasing they also have a section where you can also hit up on the jobs which are posted in the job area. If you are a designer, it’s simple you should be one Behance.

You can sign up on Behance by clicking here.


4) Computer Assistant:


Indian Freelancer

Computer assistant is an IT providing Freelance place where you can book nationwide service in America (America only). you can set up your account with them and start helping other people in fixing their IT and software problems via skype or VOIP calls.

You can sign up on ComputerAssistant by clicking here.


5) CrowdSpring:


Indian Freelancer

Crowdspring is another design website which will get you freelance gigs in the world of design. It has a lot of design jobs ranging from simple 30 mins job to complex long-term projects.

Good place to be on if you are looking for some solid design leads.

You can sign up on Crowdspring by clicking here.


6) DesignCrowd:


Indian Freelancer

Designcrowd is the world #1 custom design website marketplace. The best part about Designcrowd is that it allows you to work on things which are bespoked in nature.

The clients will put up their need and then you can provide your custom based solutions to the need. Like 99designs you need to participate in their in contests to get work.

You can sign up on DesignCrowd by clicking here.


7) Envato Studio:


Indian Freelancer

Envanto studio is a place where designers, developers and creatives are looking for jobs on a full-time basis. The best part about this portal is that all the jobs that come on the portal are 100% vetted by the portal owners.

You can set your prices on the portal, and your clients can see them. If the prices make sense to people, they will approach you on their own.

You can sign up on Envanto by clicking here.


8) Field Nation:


Indian Freelancer

FieldNation is an offline marketplace that is operational in over 150 cities. You can find your workforce in a locally distributed format with over 100k service technicians looking to work on site in a contract sort of basis. If you are a skilled professional, then you should check out fieldnation for sure.

You can sign up on FieldNation by clicking here.


9) Hexi Design:


Indian Freelancer

HexiDesign is a design based job portal where you will find jobs in a job board sort of format. Its popular categories are logo design, web design and other types of UX/UI designing as well.

You can sign up on HexiDesign By clicking here.


10) Joomlancer:


Indian Freelancer

Joomlancer is a job site specifically for a website where you have GIGs related to Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, WordPress, Magento and others. You will get all types of GIGs over here from simple to complex ones.

You can sign up on Joomlancer by clicking here.


11) ProgrammerMeetDesigner:


freelance jobs

Programmermeetsdesigner is a listing website where you will find jobs in categories like Programming, Web Development, Designing, Writing and other types of categories. It is a primary listings site where you don’t have to do much, you can just come there and apply for jobs, and clients will contact you on your own.

You can sign up on programmermeetsdesigner by clicking here


12) SEOClerks:


freelance jobs

SEOclerks is a portal that’s directed towards your SEO needs. You can get all sorts of SEO help with respect to your be it backlinking or link building or any other type of help.

But it just provide you that, it provides you a host of other things that you usually find on websites that give you small GIGs.

Their services start from $1 a day and go upto as much as you can.

You can sign up on SEOclerks by clicking here.


13) Smashing Jobs:


freelance jobs

Smashing jobs is a job board where you can search for jobs online and apply them right away. You don’t need to create a login account to get jobs on their portal. All you have to do is go to their website and start applying for jobs.

You can sign up on Smashingjobs by clicking here.


14) TopCoder:


freelance jobs

Topcoder is a portal which caters to people who are looking for technology solutions for their projects.

It provides high-quality programming projects to its freelancers. Their USP is that they deliver their jobs at a rapid pace, which also means that if you plan to work on their portal you’ll have to be particular about timings and delivery of the projects.

You can sign up on Topcoder by clicking here.


15) Toptal:


freelance jobs

Toptal is an online freelancing portal that is targeted towards the world of online freelancing  for techies. In fact they even mention it on their website that they provide top 3% freelance software developers and designers.

To get selected over there you need to apply as a freelancer to their portal. Their application process takes time so if you want to get going on their portal I think the right time is like right now go there and apply to their portal.

You can sign up on Toptal by clicking here.


16) Zeerk:


freelance jobs

Zeerk is micro jobs and freelance job portal that gets you jobs from $3 – $200. It is considered as one of the largest portals of micro jobs.

It operates in the following online categories: Online marketing, Writing, graphic, Videos, Music, Programming, Business and Lifestyle.

It is mainly geared towards completing quick jobs which takes less time and money to complete.

You can sign up on Zeerk by clicking here.


17) Powertofly:


freelance jobs

Powertofly is an online job portal that has been made specifically for women. It focuses on a lot of remote and freelance jobs. Although it has full time jobs as well, but they specialize in remote setting type of jobs.

You can sign up on Powertofly by clicking here.


18) Authentic Jobs:



Authentic jobs are for people who are in the world of design, hacking and creative work. Most of the openings that they have are available for full time, part time and in a freelance remote format.

They have been operational since 2005 and have made hundreds of connections till now.

They invite top companies like Facebook, Mercedez Benz, Tesla and many others.

You can sign up for Authentic jobs by clicking here.


19) StackOverflow:


freelance jobs

StackOverflow is one of the top repo sites for all programmers. If you are a programmer, I am sure you’d know about StackOverflow.

It has a job board as well where you can see job postings from all across the world. You’ll also see that StackOverflow invites some of the best companies on its job boards.

So if you can figure out something over there, then it should be good for you as a freelancer.

You can sign up on Stackoverflow by clicking here.


20) SoloGigs:


freelance jobs

SoloGigs gets you engineering and IT jobs. If you join them, you’ll be able to search opportunities based on the languages and preferences of work. You will also be able to search jobs based on your geography which makes the case interesting for you as a freelancer.

You can sign up on Sologigs by clicking here.


21) Freelancer Map:


freelance jobs

FreelancerMap is a website which will help you in getting freelance contract openings in the IT industry from all across the world.

You can sign up on FreelancerMap by clicking here.


22) Gun.io


freelance jobs

Gun.io is an interesting concept.  It is mainly targeted towards designers and programmers who are looking for work in their core fields. Big companies like Amazon and other top fortune 50 companies have found their freelancers through this portal.

You can sign up on Gun.io by clicking here.


23) Hirable:


freelance jobs

Hirable is another website that allows you to hire the best freelance developers. Technically they like to position themselves as site for the freelancers and by the freelancers. They don’t charge you any commissions or any middlemen in the process for getting you jobs.

You can sign up on Hirable by clicking here.


24) Angel.co:


freelance jobs

Angellist is the social network for all startups that are out there. You can find all types of jobs on their platform. Recently they opened up their portal for freelancing as well. So all the best brains of the world have opened up their skills and there are clients who want to work with them.

So you should join AngelList & start getting work from there as well.

You can sign up on Angellist by clicking here.


25) WordPress Jobs:


freelance jobs

WordPress Jobs is the Job board that’s present on the official WordPress website. The jobs that are present are of different types. Ranging from full time, part time, freelance and even remote working.

The quality of jobs are high quality so that ways if you are someone who is looking to find a great high-paying job you shouldn’t ignore the job board of WordPress.

You can sign up for WordPress jobs by clicking here.


26) WPHired:


freelance jobs

WPhired is a platform where you will find a lot of jobs related to WordPress as a development platform. WordPress is one of the most popular platforms on the web, close to 40% of the websites on the internet are run by WordPress.

You’ll get jobs on categories like design, content, plugins, theme creation and so much more. You will also get a lot of article writing and website management opportunities over there.

You can sign up on WPHired by clicking here.


27) SquadHelp:


freelance jobs

Squadhelp is an interesting concept. So basically it is a place which helps you in naming your company/product or whatever you are looking to name for.

What you can do is you can launch a naming contest, and the ideas will start pouring in a matter of minutes, you can rate the entries and keep brainstorming with them, and the one who gets selected gets paid.

You can even market test your favourite name, get a trademark, and use quality scoring to test the power of your idea.

You can sign up on Squadhelp by clicking here.


28) DesignHill:


freelance jobs

Designhill likes to call themselves as the world’s #1 graphic design website. It works just like 99 Designs.

I hope you know the format of 99 Designs?

So basically what happens is that the clients can post their requirements of design and the freelancers (Designers) will start making rough plans and will submit their applications.

The ones which appeal most to the clients will be chosen, and the work will be awarded to them.

I think it is the most comprehensive design portal that I have ever seen.

You can sign up on Designhill by clicking here.


29) CoroFlot:


freelance jobs

Coroflot is an online dedicatedly made towards designers and creative people. Companies which have a design-driven culture hire from coroflot because they know that the best creative people like to hang out here.

As a designer, you can share your portfolio amongst people and show it off to the world. The portal will help you in making connections and attempts in securing GIGs and jobs for you, on your behalf with the clients.

They have worked with some of the best companies of the design world.

You can sign up on Coroflot by clicking here.


30) Dribble:


freelance jobs

Dribble is the go-to place for any designer. It is the Go to place for a lot of artists who want to show off their work of logos, creatives, web designs, etc. to. Other people and share their collection with the world for inspiration sake.

Usually what I have seen is that designers showcase their work here and that’s how they get hired as well.

Apart from that it also has a job board which has a lot of jobs both full-time and part-time.

You can sign up on Dribble by clicking here.


31) Juiicy:


freelance jobs

Juiicy is an online community for freelance designers where they come and apply for GIGs. TO get started on their portal you need to request an invite to them, and once they accept you, only then you can get started on looking and applying for jobs.

Some of the top designers on Juiicy have so much workload that they are not able to cater to their clients on time hence they have to deny most of the projects.

But that’s a sweet place to be in as a freelancer? No?

Another good thing about Juiicy is that you will get a lot of recommendations from other design peers of yours. So if you see it is a very close network sort of website where your peers will help you in growing and making more money.

You can sign up on Juiicy by clicking here.


32) Traction:


freelance jobs

Traction is a portal that helps you in hiring an A-level marketer in just a matter of minutes. They have made this process very simple and effortless that anyone can connect with you as freelancers and discover you easily.

You will see that a lot of top brands and advertisers who are actively on the hunt and are finding A-level talent on their portal. To join their portal, you need to put in your application and wait for them to accept it.

They have some of the best companies actively looking for talent on their website. Companies like Dove, AXE, Yahoo, Sony, TheEconomist and many others.

You can sign up on traction by clicking here.


33) EngineeringBabu:


freelance jobs

EngineeringBabu is an India based freelancing website made for the world. It started off as an agency for completing tech projects, but soon their team found a sweet spot in building a marketplace format for tech needs of their clients.

They claim to have a 100% project delivery guarantee. Some of the products that have been built on their platform have gone on to raise up to 50Mn USD and have been funded by whose who of the investing world including Ycombinator and Google Ventures. So Reputation wise they are very high, you should check out their features

Their whole setup is built in such a manner that it will streamline the work for you as a freelancer.

You can sign up on EngineeringBabu by clicking here.


34) Gigster:


freelance jobs

Gigster is a platform that is built specifically for software engineers & designers who are on the lookout for freelance, part-time, remote and full-time type of work.

The USP of the portal is that it brings people who have a deep interest in the world of artificial technology and intelligence.

The freelancers that work over here are people who have worked professionally on enterprise level projects. Some of the smartest people of the internet world are working as freelancers over there.

People from Facebook, Microsoft, Dropbox, Yahoo, eBay and Ycombinator are regulars over there.

It has deep expertise in AI ( Machine learning, Deep Learning and NLP), Web Development (Flask, React And Node), Mobile Development ( IOS, Android and react native) and Product and design ( Product management, UX design and UI design).

You can sign up on Gigster by clicking here.


35) Landing Jobs:


freelance jobs

Landing job is mainly for people who have a tech background and are looking to establish a great freelancing career in it. Usually, software developers and techies are surrounded by a lot of jobs, but very rarely they will find a job that is fulfilling and pays them nicely at the same time.

Its main categories are Software Development, UX, Design, Video Production. The job application part is free, but they will charge from your clients as a one-time fee.

You can join landing by signing up on the link here.


36) Github Job Board:


freelance jobs

If you are someone who operates in the world of technology, then I am certain you’d already know what Github is and what it can do for you. The other cool thing apart from being a repository is that Github attracts some of the best people in the world of technology from all across the world.

What better place than GitHub would there be in the world to find excellent talent for other companies?

And with that mission, Github created a job board that attracts some of the best companies in the world looking for talent, and they are happy to pay higher than average industry salaries.

Niche sites are usually good when it comes to finding jobs in a targeted domain. There is no commission, and it is free to use.

You can sign up on Github and look for jobs by clicking here.


37) Crew:



freelance jobs

Crew is one of the top rising freelance portals that work specifically with designers and developers.

All the people who work in the crew’s ecosystem are highly reliable and deliver their projects on time.

The best part about their portal is that they vet all the people who join them as a freelancer. This stringent process ensures that clients & freelancers get the best quality of work & value from each other.

Currently, it is an invite-only portal. Joining crew might be slightly difficult but you ask around on forums and see if it works in your favour or not.

As a freelancer, they won’t charge you any commission for working on their portal, but they usually charge all the fees to their clients. So in a way they are a freelancer-friendly portal.

You can sign up by clicking here if you wish to.


Offline Jobs:


1) Uber:



freelancing websites list

Who doesn’t know about UBER? Uber is one of the most popular taxi services that are out there. If you are looking for an offline freelancing job, then Uber is a good choice since a lot of people are operating with UBER in a freelancer format where they accept jobs and make money from it. It is present in a lot of global cities.

It is currently present in close to 84 countries and 734 cities, so chances are that you’ll have uber in your town/city and you can connect with them for consistent work through their driver app.

You can sign up on Uber by clicking here.


2) Lyft:


freelancing websites list

LYFT is another website that offers offline taxi service opportunities like UBER only. Great jobs and you can set your working hours with them.

What lyft does is it matches drivers with passengers who are actively looking for trips to move across the town. Customers can request their wish through the smartphone app, and if you work as a driver, you’ll get all the work sent to you through your smartphone.  This makes all the difference, since if you had to work for traditional transport companies like the Newbury taxi company for example, then you would have much more hoops and regulations to undergo.

You can sign up on LYFT by clicking here.




1) Freelance Photographer Jobs:


freelancing websites list

Freelance Photographer jobs is a portal that has carefully curated photography jobs for people across the USA, Canada and UK.

I think it is certainly one of the best job boards for people who are into the world of photography. if you know how to sell yourself well, you will be able to get consistent clients from this website.

You can sign up for Freelance Photographer Jobs by clicking here.


2) Photography Jobs:


freelancing websites list

Photography Jobs Online is a portal where you can build your account and sell your photos to millions of other potential buyers who are actively on the lookout for buying interesting pictures.

Not only you get to sell your photos.

But you can also find jobs and apply for part-time and remote opportunities through the job board.

You can sign up on Photography jobs online by clicking here.


3) Get Photography Jobs:


freelancing websites list

GetPhotographyJobs is a photo website for pro where you can find photography based jobs all across the states. If you are living in the US, you can find a freelance, part-time or a full-time job either at your location or in some other state.

If you need to get such GIGs then you can sign up on Get photography jobs by clicking here.


4) The Creative Loft:


freelancing websites list

Thecreativeloft is a portal that helps you in getting your photos online. You can browse through their job section and find a lot of jobs in the categories of wedding photography, Newborn photography, Maternity shoots and other types of portfolio shoots.

It is more popular in the US, and if you are active on it, you’ll find consistent jobs within the US.

You can sign up on the creative loft by clicking here.

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Get started by clicking here and let me know if you need any help from my end, please let me know in the commnents section below and I’d be happy to help you.

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