7 Skills That Will Get You High Paying Freelance Jobs Online (3x More Than Your Day Job)

7 Skills That Will Get You High Paying Freelance Jobs Online (3x More Than Your Day Job)

I think a few years back, say 5 or maybe 10 years back if you would have asked someone what kind of career do you want to have?

You would have heard something like I want to build a career in a reputed company and at a reputed position. (if not this then something closer to this only)

But now with time passing, things are a bit different, ask anyone. And you’ll hear that everyone wants to do their own thing. And with that trend showing up, the need for people to have a secure and stable job is also declining.

What that has done is, it has started this trend of online portals and freelancing websites offering high-paying work to people who have highly specialized skills.

Everyone wants to start their own THING and they are happy to do more of it vs joining a regular job. Not saying that jobs are BAD, but the trend is shifting to becoming an entrepreneur.

But what really happened over here?

Did people grow bored out of their jobs or what?

In my opinion, the #1 reason why people started accepting more freelance jobs online was because these jobs paid them more than what they could earn in their regular jobs, and also it didn’t involve working for long hours.

All you have to do is create a freelancing profile & find high paying clients and serve them to the best of your abilities.

Although the process of finding high-quality freelance jobs and pitching them is slightly complicated because of ever-increasing competition, once you nail the process of finding clients consistently, money and customers will keep coming to you on a timely basis.

Meet Pravin who is making $1000+ per month from freelancing with customers through SEO and Website Analytics.

Pravin used to work an analyst in a reputed company in India but he soon gave up his job because he figured out that he can make more money in less time than what he was making at his regular job with 2x his current levels of stress.

But to make that kind of money, I won’t lie to you, it takes time.I’d be lying if I will be telling you that this is easy.

I’d be lying if I will be telling you that this is easy.

But with right strategies & mindset, this is Doable.

Think of the online freelancing world as a pyramid structure.

Where the people who are sitting on the TOP of this pyramid are making the most amount of money.

So if you have the right knowledge tools and expertise, you’ll have people waiting in line to work with you.

But if you are in the bottom of the pyramid, you will be struggling big time; you will be struggling with clients, money, competition and everything in between.

But coming back to the top of the pyramid freelancers, they don’t have anything special in them.

They are just ordinary people like you and me.

But they all have this ONE thing in common.

They are all operating in domains that are HIGH in demand. The skills that these guys have are highly valued by others in the market.

For example, you can say I want to make $1000 a month from writing.Now writing could mean writing Facebook statuses or Newspaper adverts or writing could even mean writing amazing blog posts that get tons of traffic.

Now there is a difference in the value of these things, and that will dramatically affect your payout as well.For example, a blog writer will be paid much higher than someone who is writing Facebook statuses.

So you should always be focusing on skills that produce the most amount of returns in the online freelancing world.

So what I have done is I have listed down all the high paying & most profitable freelance jobs online that pay you 3x more than your regular 9-5 job.

If you are serious about making money online, then you should focus on acquiring these skills so that you can get freelance jobs online.

1) Computer Programming:


freelance programmers online


Search around on any freelancing website, and you will notice that the most looked after skill in when it comes to freelancing jobs online is computer programming.

Now I know programming is very extensive & deep as a category. It covers a lot of things like Web Development, Mobile Development. Application Development and so much more.

But if you can take up one of these skillsets and master them, then you’ll be making great money on an hourly basis. From what I have noticed is that Computer programmers on an average when it comes to freelancing jobs end up making $800-1000 in their early days.

To seasoned programmers, this might sound a bit cheap.

But that’s because they usually have high-paying jobs. But with time and patience and getting more GIGs, you can easily touch numbers like $5000 – $10,000 per month.

That will take you increase your skill set in the art of creating proposals, negotiation, build a varied portfolio, and pitch to clients on a consistent basis.

As you get better with these skills, you will keep growing on the payout ladder.

You will enter the ranks of people of high paying people. You can start anywhere from $100 – $200 per project.

There are a couple of more high-paying skills in the world of programming which are high in demand. Skills like iOS programming and Android development. They usually have the highest payouts in the market.

There are lot of freelance programmers online, who started from literally nothing but over a period of time they have built big software development agencies and making money in 6 figures.

Computer programming is one of the highest paying freelance jobs & if you are patient enough with developing more skills then it is only a matter of time that you will into high paying clients category as well.

2) Web Designing:


most in demand freelance skills


After computer programming, Web designing is the second most in demand freelance skills when it comes to freelance jobs online

The biggest problem in the web design category is that the supply side (Freelancers) is very high. As a client, this is probably good, but as a freelancer? Not so much. 🙁

You’ll have to compete with a lot of people for the same job.

That means that you need to stand out regarding your value proposition as a freelancer. Otherwise, it will be hard for you to convince your client to choose you over others.

The thing is if you want to do well in the web design category you need to find your sweet spot as to where you can make the most amount of money.

If you can even get a dozen mid-level clients every month, you should be making $1000 -$2000 per month.

3) Writing:


freelance jobs online


Now writing is a very big category. But to keep things simple we’ll stick to copywriting & content marketing for now since they are the most money generating subcategories in writing as of today.

A lot of startups and companies have realised that driving traffic through content is one of the best ways to drive consistent and free traffic. Because that way you will keep on driving traffic even after years of creation.

A good friend of mine makes $3000 per month writing content on a very regular basis.

Some months he gets to make $5000 as well when the workload increases.

But when I tell you all these stories, I don’t intend to sell you a false dream that you’ll also start making these kinds of figures right away.

But if you keep honing your skill and are consistent with it, then making more money is just a matter of time.

Not only will you get more clients as you better your skills. But you will get a lot of long-term work, retainers and referrals here and there.

All in All, it is a win-win deal for you. As you get better at it, you will have the luxury to choose your clients and get the kind of payout you want from them instead of another way around.


4) Social Media Marketing:


freelance jobs online

Almost everyone wants to have a social media presence these days. A great social media presence means that you will a great deal of business by just being present over there.

A good way to make money through social media marketing is by developing campaigns for other businesses.

Approaching Brick and mortar businesses is equally profitable because they know they are lagging behind on this and they want to hire someone who take their traditional businesses online using the power of social media.

You can find a lot of gigs on Upwork, Linkedin and even Facebook for social media freelancing.

What started as a small thing of managing online presence is a big online industry right now. If you can try, I think it is great to make money from it because there is a lot of depth in it.


5) Video Editors:


freelance jobs online

Freelance video editors earn close to $72,000 a year in the US alone. People who have a bit of experience earn close to 100k a year by editing videos.

The demand for video editors has gone up considerably because in the past few years there has been a lot of increase in the number of people starting their Youtube Channel, Instagram Videos, Facebook videos and other types of video content.

So as more and more people are consuming video format (which is growing at a breakneck speed) The more you will have people ready to publish video ready content.

And that will increase content editing which means the demand for video editors will keep on growing. And high-skilled content editors are in scarcity. So if you are a skilled guy, you’ll be approached by a lot of people on your own, and you will get a lot of recommendations from your existing client base.

And if you want to reach out to new clients you can go to a variety of platforms and search for new customers over there. But I think most definitely video editing jobs are one of the highest paying freelance jobs that you can find online.


7) Designing:


freelance jobs online


I think after computer programming and web designing.

Logo and graphic design are one of the most popular categories on freelancing platforms.

In fact, if you see Upwork’s list of most highly demanded careers, it is up right there #2 on the list.

The ranges for graphic designers start from $10 an hour to $100 an hour.

Graphic design, social media creatives, logo infographics, there’s a lot that needs to be done in the world of graphic design.

For graphic design, you can find a lot of work on Upwork and other niche freelancing job places like 99 Designs.

But just like the design you need to have an eye for detail and more importantly you need to have the skills to get customers and manage them for long-term and retainers to be successful at it.



If you take up one skill out of these 7 skills & put your heart and soul into mastering them, you’d be able to make a significant income from it. From what I have seen with my experience these are some of the best paid freelance jobs skills that you can have if you want to break into the elite level of online freelancers who make great money online from the comfort of their home.

It can easily range from anything from $1000 – $5000 USD.

But just like everything else, it requires a bit of effort to learn the skill and understand how to work up the value chain and make money slowly and steadily.

You can click here and get started on making an online freelancing profile which is the first step to making money online in the freelancing world.

Or you can subscribe to this free course which will teach you how to how to make $1000 a month from freelancing.

If you have any other queries regarding these skills and how you can go about in learning them, type in the comments section & I would be more than happy to help you.

See you in the comments section below.

Kirti Prakash

PS – You can read this super MEGA list of 89 websites and how to get freelance jobs FAST by clicking here.


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