How To Create A Co Founder Job Description That Gets You High-Quality Talent On Autopilot.

How To Create A Co Founder Job Description That Gets You High-Quality Talent On Autopilot.

I have subscribed to almost 200+ startup groups and forums on the Internet.

If there is any new startup forum that’s gaining momentum, you will find me engaging with members over there.


Because I am always on the lookout for talent and hunting people on these forums for my Co Founder consulting clients.

I also like to keep my eye on every new person who is posting his co founder job description post on these forums.

Lately, I have been spending a lot of time on Facebook Start-up groups because of its high engagement ratio.

If you are someone who is looking for a co-founder I’d say Facebook is the best place to look for. Your chances of finding a good guy in an engaged community like Facebook is much higher as compared to other places.

Earlier Reddit used to be really good for finding business partners but now it’s all on Facebook.

But it’s funny to see the kind of posts people make on these startup groups.

If you ever get a chance to join to join your local Facebook startup group, you will see people posting looking for a co founder posts day in and day out.

Some of these posts are are really interesting.

Some are funny.

Some are inspiring

While most of them are plain boring…

But to me, they all look the same.

I mean look at this some of these posts here…

co founder job description

co founder job description

co founder job description

I wouldn’t even call these posts as a founder Job Description post.

It seems like a cry for help.

There’s a consistent underlying mindset issue in all these posts.

Now, you must be thinking. Mindset issue, Huh, What’s that?

Well, let me explain it to you.

The person who is making these posts and hiring a co-founder is making it clear as to what all he needs in a potential co-founder. But the way it has been communicated, it feels like an entitled cry for help.

Now there is nothing wrong in asking for specific qualities in your prospect in your co founder job description. Everyone should do it but the way it comes across in these posts, it looks very awful.

It comes across as very value leeching mindset. All these posts are communicating about what they want from their prospect instead of explaining more about themselves and putting their skills and abilities on the table.

Rather it should be the other way around.

You should start by telling your story and display your skills and abilities. So that your prospective partner can see and get hooked to your post.

You should start by writing your story & what you have done till now in a more descriptive manner.

Something that flows like a story.

Trust me. if you get this ONE thing right, you will instantly set yourself apart from the 99% crowd that’s out there making half-hearted attempts to find a solid co-founder.

It will help you in establishing more trust and comfort with your potential prospects. This will attract higher quality prospects for your position.

So instead of calling this as a job description, I’d like to call it as a sales pitch where you pitch to your prospects instead of showing them passive job description, which they don’t even want notice because it looks dull & boring.

To create a crafty sales pitch you need to instil a few things in your co-founder job description and by doing that you will attract high-quality leads to your posts on autopilot.

co founder job description

Let’s go through them one by one and see how you can craft an irresistible post.

a) Story: The Job description that you create should be an insight into the kind of person you are, What have you done in the past, Your accomplishments (even if they are small), your failures (this displays more vulnerability and humanness around you) and bind them all in an easy to read story format, just like you do in your interviews. It should start like a story and should start from your childhood and your early years, Your college life, why did you read a particular subject, what did you love the most about your graduation, why have you done what you have done, why did you like a particular subject or why did you hate a particular thing so on and so forth.

And then you should write a story that connects all these things into why you are starting a company now and why all your background has shaped you in becoming the kind of person you are now.

Basically, it should flow like a story starting from your childhood to where you are right. Don’t start from your college days, start from your birth time. The more vulnerable and personal you are the better it is.

b) Why You Are The Best Person: you should also explain why you are working on this opportunity now and why you are the right person who can solve this problem better than anyone else.  Get as detailed and as specific as you can.

c) Inspiring: The undertone of the job description should be inspiring, something that evokes interest in the reader and makes them read end to end.

Think again of Elon Musk inspires the world by explaining his vision about what he wants to accomplish for the world. Now you don’t need to have a vision as larger as Elon but you can write an inspiring story and that should do your job.

d) What They’ll Get: Get really specific on what’s in it for them instead of focusing on your benefit. When you focus your story like a sales copy people will get drawn to you as if you are speaking directly to them and it will work like a melting copy that persuades them to buy in your story.

e) Who Is This For: It’s important that you make it clear who is this position for. When I made my blog post I wrote I made it specific enough so that I end up attracting the right people to it.

I mentioned 4-5 pointers of people who’d be FIT for such a position and that did the process in eliminating substandard applications.

Side Note: Please for god sake, don’t mention I need people from Stanford, Yale, IIT and IIM.

If you do that chances are high that your post might be trolled and would turn up into a hate post instead of getting HOT leads.

g) Who Is This Not For: This one is more important than the last one. Please make this section really specific so that you only attract serious prospects to your posting.

What this does is, it starts setting expectations upfront, so that people know right from the beginning what are signing up for. If you have written a detailed and well thought out job description, odds are that it will do the work.

For example, if you are looking for a CTO, it should be written with so much specificity that it only attracts high-quality senior talent vs Aspirational junior developers applying for it.

Ideally, what you should be looking for is someone who has the ability to take the pressure and can deliver under tight circumstances.

So that at the first sight of resistance they don’t run away.

Back when I created my first draft I had to go through periods of revision to make sure that the messages stand out and attract the right kind of prospects.

Here’s the co founder job description that I created and got lots of comments and likes from the community.

Pay some attention to why this worked and how can you model the same and get desired results.

That’s all from my end now but we’ll take up more case studies and examples in the future here.

Conclusion: If you are looking to create a high-quality co-founder job description post that attracts people on autopilot then what I explained about is the right way to structure it.

Without having a decent job description, it will become really HARD for you to attract a potential partner.

Use it & let me know if you have any questions or suggestions in the comments below, I’d be more than happy to help you.

See you soon.


PS – Here’s another example for co founder job description.

PPS – Once you have created the job description then you need to spread it across in front of a high-quality audience. You can learn how to spread your job post in front of a high-quality audience by clicking here. & if you want to know my end to end process of hiring a co-founder click here to read my ultimate guide on how to find a co-founder.


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