Best Freelance Websites To Work For In The Year 2018

Best Freelance Websites To Work For In The Year 2018!

I am sure if you are someone who has tried entering the world of online freelancing, you would already know how difficult it is to compete with others in the sea of freelance work.

What I have done here is I have taken best freelance websites that are out there so that you can easily find high paying work.

So that you don’t end up wasting your time competing with others and focus more on what’s important.

That is making money.

You know how it is..

Every job application on any freelance website attracts dozens and dozens of applications.

Some are good, Some are bad, some are mediocre.

While some are competing on price.

While some are competing on value.

Now If you are someone who has just started to understand the world of online freelancing I know it would be really difficult for you to make a considerable mark on any of the top 5 freelance websites.

Let alone making handsome money from these portals.

A lot of the top freelance website charge high commission fees from its transactions just to ensure that people freelancers are paying them their share of the money.

But that’s the reality when it comes to volumes of jobs.

The top 1-3 freelance websites steal away 50% of the market share in terms of clients & rest of the portals are fighting for the leftovers clients.

But with time things have changed and a lot of new freelance portals have come up which are not that populated & if you are smart enough you can get a lot of business from these new portals.

Recently Upwork has changed the commission percentages and with that most of the freelancers have started shifting to newer zones where they don’t have to pay a hefty 20% commission which Upwork has started charging on its freelancers.

So a good way to cut down on your commission percentages is to look out for better websites which offer higher paying jobs at little to no commission rates.

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1) AngelList:


Best Freelance Websites

Recently AngelList opened up their freelancing network where people can give and take professional help from each other through their platform.

A good thing about Angellist is that the quality of buyers and sellers on the platform is very high.

So you know that whoever you are engaging with is a highly qualified professional.(both the buyer and the seller) You can find a different type of job engagements on their platform with Freelance, Part-Time, Full-Time, and Remote setting type of work GIGs.

All you have to do is go to their Freelance section and fill in your profile and start looking for some work.

A good thing about Angellist is that they are not charging any type of commissions as of now.

So you can work your way up and build some nice credibility on their platform so that as you grow you build a great portfolio of testimonials backing your quality of work.

2) Gigster:


Best Freelance Websites

Gigster is a platform that is built specifically for software engineers & designers who are on the lookout for freelance, part-time, remote and full-time type of work.

The USP of their platform is connecting with people who have a deep interest in the world of artificial technology.

It brings a ton of value for both clients and freelancers by offering enterprise level of work environment by creating settings and rules which both parties need to follow diligently.

Some of the smartest people of the internet world are working as freelancers over there.

People from Facebook, Microsoft, Dropbox, Yahoo, eBay and Ycombinator are regulars over there.

You will find a lot of projects which require deep expertise in AI ( Machine learning, Deep Learning and NLP), Web Development (Flask, React And Node), Mobile Development ( iOS, Android and react native) and Product & Design ( Product management, UX design and UI design).

So if you feel that this is the kind of work and skill set you know then you should definitely create a profile on their portal and start finding work over there.


3) RemoteOk:


Best Freelance Websites

Remote ok is not like your classic freelancing website but still, you will get a lot of interested people who want to have your skills and talents in their organization. It is basically a job board where small and medium-size businesses and startups post different types of requirement.

These requirements range from part time, full-time, freelance jobs in a remote format.

There is no signup required here, no commissions or anything.

All you have to do is find the jobs that you like and start applying for them and then if the clients like you they’ll hire you depending on their requirement.

It is not restricted to any one type of job. But is majorly a job board where you find different types of job postings.

You can even sign up for their newsletter and get daily updates on the kind of jobs that you are looking for.

A lot of people that I know personally have taken up jobs from there and it is fantastic to find high-paying jobs.


4) Jobspresso:


Best Freelance Websites

Jobspresso is another freelance website that gets high-quality work in a remote format. Lately, remote jobs have been picking up a great pace and Jobspresso is also another amazing place where you can get connected to companies offering remote jobs.

They offer different kinds of jobs in areas like Technology, Marketing, Customer Support and others.

There are 2 ways to find jobs over there. 1. Is by uploading your resume and letting the companies find you. 2. By going after companies and finding them and applying for jobs over there.

There is no fee or commission structure to work over there.


5) Remotive:


Best Freelance Websites

Remotive is another company that gets jobs for you in remote categories. It is a freelancing job board that gets you jobs from elite level companies like HP, Microsoft etc. Software engineers, Designers and other people can find plenty of jobs over here.

There is no direct or indirect commission that you need to pay to engage over there.

You can click on the direct link here and it will direct you to the job board directly.


6) Speedlancer:


Speedlancer 1

Speedlancer is picking up a lot of momentum these days because it has been ranked amongst one of the best freelance websites. They provide less turn-around time and have a freelancer network which delivers projects which have a high satisfaction rate.

Their USP is that they will finish your job in a matter of 4 hours.

The only bad part is since the turnaround time is really high and the freelancers are premium, their commissions’ percentages are as high as Upwork.


7) Landing Jobs:


Landing 1

Landing job is mainly for people who have a tech background and are looking to establish a great freelancing career in it. Usually, software developers and techies are surrounded by a lot of jobs, but very rarely they will find a job that is fulfilling and pays them nicely at the same time.

Its main categories are Software Development, UX, Design, Video Production. The job application part is free, but they will charge from your clients as a one-time fee.

You can join landing by signing up on the link here.


8) Github Job Board:


github 1

If you are someone who operates in the world of technology, then I am certain you’d already know what Github is and what it can do for you. The other cool thing apart from being a repository is that Github attracts some of the best people in the world of technology from all across the world.

What better place than GitHub would there be in the world to find excellent talent for other companies?

And with that mission, Github created a job board that attracts some of the best companies in the world looking for talent, and they are happy to pay higher than average industry salaries.

Niche sites are usually good when it comes to finding jobs in a targeted domain. There is no commission, and it is free to use.

You can sign up on Github and look for jobs by clicking here.


9) Inbound:


inbound 1

Inbound is another popular freelancing website where you can find jobs in a lot of categories.
Some of the most popular categories on inbound are Content, Design, Development, Management, Marketing, Sales, SEO and Social Media.

It is mainly focused for first world people & it’s popular in areas like the United States and the United Kingdom.

But it also has a lot of remote job options which are some of the most popular things on their portal. The best thing about inbound is that they don’t charge you any commission fee like other popular freelancing platforms.

Although it is not a job website but it is a content marketing website where people can apply for Freelance, Part-time and Fulltime jobs, while being remote at the same time.

It is a niche job board which attracts very targeted job applications.


10) Workmarket:


workmarket 1

Workmarket is a freelance website which focuses on offering Sales, Marketing, Communication and other Business Development opportunity based jobs.

They usually charge a commission fee to linking people with each other but that’s only charged from the clients. As a job seeker, it is 100% free for you to use.


11) Crew:


crew 1

Crew is also one of the top rising freelancer websites you can use. It is mainly for people who are designers, developers and small studios and agencies who are highly rated for delivering the projects on time.

The best part about their freelancers is that they vet all the people on board through their internal stringent vetting process. This process alone ensures that when you engage with someone for work you should already be assured that your work is going into some of the best people out there in the world of online freelancing.

It is an invite-only portal, getting here is slightly tedious because you will have to go around on forums and ask people for favours just so you can access it. But once you are there you will have plenty of opportunities.

They don’t charge any money from freelancers but they usually charge a small amount from the people who are posting jobs on their platform.


12) Working Not Working:


working not working 1

Working not working is one of the best freelance websites for a beginner. It was built in 2012 with only and only one aim which was to get high-paying gigs to high-quality freelancers.

It has jobs ranging from Advertising, Design, Technology and Production.

It is free for freelancers but takes an upfront fee or a commission percentage from the job that the client’s post.

Again, great quality of lead flow, I would definitely recommend you to check this out.

But that’s all from my end, if there is any website that I am missing or anything else that should be on this list, do let me know and I’d be happy to update them over here.

You can even check out the comprehensive list of freelance websites that gets you jobs at a fast pace, whether you are a designer, programmer, photographer or even a writer, you’ll find a lot of freelance websites over here.

See you soon.

Kirti Prakash


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